Creating A Loving And Safe Home For Your Pets

adm_oom HDB interior design 12 Oct 2021

A dog inside a house


Take a walk along the beach or down the streets near a park, and you’ll see at least one to two families walking their dogs. Many Singaporeans adore animals, and most households have at least one pet at home, which could be a dog, hamster, cat, rabbit, parrot or even a guinea pig. 


Our pets are more than simply little animals we care for when we need companionship at home; many of us have regarded them to be members of our family and would go to great lengths to love and care for them throughout their life. 

To make your home liveable for your furry friends and provide them with a good and safe life, we’ve gathered a list of residential interior design ideas you can consider adding to your home for the benefit of your pets.


1. Durable Materials

Durable Materials for Interior Design


Despite being the wonderful animals that we adore, our pets can oftentimes wreak havoc at home, gnawing and tearing away fabric upholstery or clawing surfaces till they’re damaged. To avoid such situations and provide you with peace of mind, opt for highly durable and easy-to-maintain materials such as sintered stone or kompacplus kitchen countertops, homogeneous floor tiles and microfibre fabric sofas. 


Sintered stone and kompacplus are highly scratch-resistant and easy to clean and maintain; whilst microfibre fabric sofas do not rip easily due to their tight weave nature. These materials are also amazing for residential interior design because they come in many styles suitable for different interiors. 


2. Animal-Friendly Features

If you wish to give your pets the freedom to roam around the house, you should consider installing pet-friendly features in your home that allows them to move around the house safely without having to worry about them leaping up on surfaces they’re not supposed to. 


Pet flaps or doors for simple passage between rooms, as well as feline-friendly climbing elements such as cat ladders and ramps, are all great residential interior design ideas for a pet-friendly home. If you’re concerned that it will make your interior design look odd, you may incorporate them into the other features of your carpentry, such as building a cat ladder on the side of your TV console that blends right in. Alternatively, you can dedicate an entire room to your pets.


Cat Friendly Interior Design with Ladder


It is also a good idea to create designated areas for various pet activities so that the house feels more like a home to them. These spaces allow them to engage in their own activities safely without the possibility of causing hurt to anyone.


Some interior design ideas include hiding your cat’s litter tray beneath your vanity or carving a small nook out of your storage cabinet for your dog to lay there feeling as snug as a bug in a rug. You can also consider building a washing station for your dogs so that bath times can be less tiring for you and less stressful for your dog.


3. Private Space

interior Designed House for Pets


Giving your furry friends their own personal and private space is an excellent approach to make life more enjoyable and comfortable for them. From cosy corners in your bedroom to designing an entire room just for them, these private areas ensure that they feel at ease and show your pets that you care.


Your pets are also prone to tiredness, may become agitated at times, and may feel that their personal boundaries are violated. When they feel these emotions, it is important for them to have a quiet space to go to. 


Furthermore, having their own private space away from you will keep them away from your furniture.


4. Avoid Dangerous Elements

Interior Design Ideas To Avoid


Lastly, avoid dangerous elements such as slippery floors, sharp edges and rough surfaces. Some cats and dogs slip very easily when they’re walking on vinyl flooring, which can be dangerous and stressful for them. Sharp edges and rough surfaces can also cause injuries and discomfort to your pet. 


You should also ensure that there isn’t anything readily available for them to climb up on that could put them in danger. 


Residential interior design has limitless options, and there are numerous things you can do to make your home more appealing and comfortable for your pets and yourself. Even simply adhering to these four things will assist you in creating a house safe for your furry pals.


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