Since its establishment in 2010, Fineline Design has been recognized as one of Singapore’s most reputable residential interior design companies. Fineline Design has been popular because of its determined emphasis on delivering the best quality services to homeowners in Singapore. We have years of experience and successful projects under our belt with regards to home interior design in Singapore.

Fineline Design believes that one of the most important applications of interior design’s principles is in our homes. Our houses are our comfort zones, they serve as resting places for us after a tiring day at work. Our house protects us from harsh weather and storms. More importantly, our house is the place where our loved ones gather. Thus, providing the best residential interior design in Singapore is very important for us. We want to make your house in Singapore, a nice place to live in with the best interior design based on your preferences and requirements.

What Makes a Perfect Home Interior Design in Singapore


The home is a place where one can feel at ease. It’s not just about living but also about relaxing in your own space with loved ones, celebrating milestones and holidays together – all the things that make up our lives as families! We design homes so they reflect what matters most to you: from personalization through functionality; everything has been thoughtfully considered when it comes to home interior design for people like yourself who want something unique yet still practical.


Homeowners have a lot of flexibility when it comes to Singapore house interior design. They can choose what they want in terms or style, colour scheme and furniture arrangement according to the preferences that suits them best. Here at FineLine Design, we pay close attention to our clients’ expectations and ideas for their house interior design. Moreover, home interior design is more than just the aesthetic quality, it must also make moving around comfortable through spatial design.