Becoming Minimalist: How to Maximise Storage Space in Every Room

Home Interior Design 30 Oct 2019


Minimalism is an interior design trend that more and more Singaporeans are adopting these days. Its laconic style and plainness in every detail—line, form, space, lighting, colour, furniture, and materials—are merely some of the factors that make it appealing to the eyes of many homeowners today.


While it’s widely accepted that minimalism is about living with less, it doesn’t mean that you have to give up all your stuff and leave your home pristine, white, and empty. In a minimalist design, you maintain a bare minimum number of belongings and store them in storage spaces. It warrants the use of clever and hidden storage spaces to avoid any distraction.


In the first leg of our three-part series, Becoming Minimalist, we talked about how to create a minimalist home, with several interior design ideas from Fineline Design in Singapore.  Today, we’ll be focusing on how to maximise storage space in every room.



5 Clever Ways to Maximise Storage Space in Your Minimalist Home 




The first area of your home that welcomes you and your guests is your entryway—hence, it’s only fitting to start with it. Place a sitting area, preferably a bench with built-in storage where you can remove your shoes and store them out of sight. If you don’t have enough space for a bench, you can consider adding wall-mounted hooks or an open shelf to place knick knacks—keys, umbrellas, etc.


For the bedroom, you should start by purging your wardrobe of out-of-season clothing and store them in under-bed storage containers. You can also use closet organisers to segregate your clothes, shoes, and accessories to further maximise space. The same steps go for your kids’ bedrooms. But, make sure that you also utilise the place for playing and studying.





The kitchen should be many things: functional and welcoming; a place to cook and entertain guests. So, you’ll want to keep it in order as much as possible, despite the chaos going on and to do this, make sure to maximise your space with vertical storage shelving. If possible, install overhead storage to keep your pots and pans out of the counter.



Next to your kitchen, your bathroom probably holds the most belongings. If you’re sharing bathrooms with your kids, you can separate your items in baskets placed under the sink or behind the door. You can also dedicate an additional organiser to store fresh towels and other supplies and another for your makeup, brushes, and other everyday items.





You may be using your garage to store items you don’t want to ever see again and you might want to re-evaluate that. As you’re adopting a minimalist lifestyle, it’s imperative to go through your belongings and preferably part ways with outdated furniture and other items left to gather dust. You might as well install overhead racks or bins to organise seasonal items and other equipment.


These clever ideas can help you get the maximum storage out of these major areas in your home—and that’s even without requiring a major home renovation. Whether you’re in a 4-bedroom apartment or a small condo unit, you’re guaranteed to benefit with these tips!


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