Achieving Minimalism And Luxury In Your Home Interior

Home Interior Design 15 Jul 2022


Designing a home can be a tricky process, especially when you want the interior design to look both luxurious and minimalist at the same time. Some might worry that minimalist designs could limit their creativity. But the key in creating an aesthetically pleasing home, is to find a perfect balance by combining both luxurious elements and simple designs. The luxury minimalist style is about the quality of each item you add into your life, choosing each piece of furniture thoughtfully, and taking into consideration the functions that you need to go about your daily life with convenience. We share some tips you can use to achieve the minimalist luxury look for your home.


Create a clutter free space


Empty spaces are a part of the design when it comes to the minimalist concept, with free walls and corners providing a light and airy atmosphere. Eliminate unnecessary clutter and furniture, replacing them with simple looking storages or multipurpose ones. This allows you to maximise the availability of room space and conceals extra items to keep it clean and sleek. Let the colour, textures, and interior design fill the emptiness of the room instead. Installing large mirrors on walls can also create the illusion of a broader room space, empowering a more sophisticated look for a luxurious home.


Pay attention to design and quality


First of all, luxury revolves around quality over quantity. A home with elements of minimalism means you should avoid using items that are of mediocre quality and choose classy furniture pieces that will stand the test of time instead. A luxury minimalist space aims to have a unique and elegant look, so you may also opt to customise, adding a personal touch that can accentuate the character of your home.


Opt for polished finishes and luxurious materials


Select pieces made from exquisite and luxurious materials that add a glamorous finish to an otherwise low-key interior design. Marble or terrazzo surfaces work well on kitchen counters as well as coffee tables. Solid wood furniture along with leather armchairs also help create a classy yet homely ambiance. You may also consider integrating textures such as velvet or silky textiles, and accessories made with bronze and aluminium.


Stick to clean lines and geometric shapes


One of the most important minimalist interior design details is in the shape and lines. Minimalist furnishings tend to be clean and elegant, dominated by linear and geometric shapes, which at the same time favour elegance and functionality. Clean lines are also fairly easy to achieve by simply placing furniture in a way that reduces cluttering, ensuring there is sufficient breathing room between each piece and rooms with enough space for guests to walk through.


Create light and airy spaces with neutral colours and natural light


Another element lies in using a neutral, monochromatic colour palette. This means either painting all of your walls in one particular colour or combining different colours that are next to each other on the 12-part colour wheel to evoke a specific feeling in the room. This works well in minimalist luxury interior designs because they can be used in many different ways without being overbearing in one space. Afterwhich, analyse your living room and see how you can draw in more natural light into the home. Go for space-saving slim floor lamps in areas with less sunlight.


Now that you’ve discovered these tips for a minimalist luxury home, it’s time to get started on a mood board and create your dream home today. Fineline Design is one of the top interior designers in Singapore, and our professional team is here to help provide you with interior design ideas according to your preferences. Reach out to us to find out more!