Fineline Design has been regarded as one of Singapore’s most trusted commercial interior design firms in Singapore since its founding in 2010. Fineline Design has grown in popularity as a result of its unwavering commitment to provide the highest quality of commercial interior design in Singapore for business owners who wish to get the attention of prospective customers. In terms of commercial interior design in Singapore, we have years of experience and a track record of progress.


A commercial interior design firm in Singapore is a specialist who creates and guides the design and building of commercial spaces. This specialist will advise you on material collection, architecture, room allocation, and interior wall arrangement, as well as act as the head of all partnerships between all relevant professionals participating in the construction project. It will also design the decoration and patterns to fit around your room, as well as have some architectural information and assist you in creating practical and proper optimization within your space.


An interior designer offers much more than just technical assistance; they also provide critical advice during the building process.