Creating a Comfortable Home: Interior Design Tips

fladmin HDB interior design 18 Apr 2022

Creating a Comfortable Home Interior Design Tips


Have you ever heard of the expression “it’s dangerous getting out of the blanket”? Our home protects us from the world’s dangers by keeping us away from all of life’s worries and stresses. No matter the size of our home, or how much time we spend there, it is the place where we find the most comfort, and where we will never grow tired of.


To unwind comfortably at the end of a long day, we must decorate our home in such a way that it is comfortable and ideal for relaxation. Here are some interior design ideas to make your home so cosy that you’ll never want to leave.


1. Warm Lights

The right lighting in our homes can create an atmosphere suitable for different tasks. For example, a brightly lit room for work and study, or a dimly lit room for movies and rest. Warm lights are the best way to create a cosy atmosphere in your home; cool white lights can make a home appear cold, whereas warm lights add warmth and make a space appear welcoming.


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Warm lights can be added to your home through ambient, accent and task lighting. You can even install lights at the back of your headboard to have warm lights illuminate upwards from your bed, or stream down onto the artwork on your wall. Ambient and task lights don’t just add to the warmth of your interior design but also create depth for added visual interest. You can also make use of candles and string lights such as fairy lights to create the same visual effect.


2. Diffused Lighting

diffused lighting interior design singapore


Harsh lighting from lamps, wall lights, or even natural light from the sun can irritate your eyes. Diffused lighting is soothing to the eyes and can even be used to create softer environments. Diffuse natural sunlight with a sheer white day curtain and soften lights from your light fixtures with a lampshade. Beautifully designed lampshades can also add to the aesthetics of your interior design.


3. Nature

Plants and flowers are excellent at improving our moods and creating a beautiful environment. They can help you sleep better, reduce stress and anxiety, and even lower your blood pressure.


You don’t have to fill your entire space with lush greenery and vibrant florals; just a touch of them in different areas of your home can do wonders for both your interior design and your mental health. You can even decorate your space with unique vases, pots, planters, and baskets by introducing plants into your home.


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Large potted plants are ideal for making a statement in a large and/or sparsely furnished room, whereas small potted plants can be used to decorate any table, countertop, or shelf.


4. Cream Colours

cream colours interior design singapore


Using cream colours in your home creates the illusion of a larger and deeper space. Its yellow undertones add warmth to your home and are even soothing to the eyes. It works well as a neutral backdrop, allowing you to incorporate more colours and patterns into your interior design without having to worry about clashing colours.


5.  Rugs and Textiles

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Tiles, wood, and vinyl flooring are great, but they can get chilly underfoot at times, especially at night or on rainy days. While it is not advisable to cover your entire home with carpet and rugs, having area rugs in certain areas of your home can provide a warm and soft place for your feet to rest. Fluffy rugs are extremely comfortable to set your feet on and add visual interest to your home.


There are numerous ways to make your home appear cosy and comfortable. How you make it work is entirely up to your personal preferences. If you find it difficult to decorate your home on your own, consider hiring an interior designer to help you.


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