What Should You Take Note Of When Choosing Materials For Your Home?

Home Interior Design 09 Jun 2022

Comparing materials to use


Quality materials are essential to a good residential interior design. That is why choosing the right materials is key for a well functioning home. The building materials chosen will define the overall durability, endurance, and character of the building. Fineline Design are experts in providing interior design services in Singapore, and this article will provide some insight into choosing the most suitable building materials for your home.


Home interior design style


The choice of materials for a home renovation project requires considerations of aesthetic appeal. These materials will accentuate the design, cover up structural components, and deliver functionality. The flooring material you select for example, can transform the entire look of the house or apartment. That’s why it’s best to consult interior design services for professional assistance on how to pick the best materials that will be aligned with your residential interior design.


Consider costs


Estimating the cost of materials to be used


It is not always advisable to look for the most affordable products. One needs to take in consideration the lifespan and utility the product comes with, within the cost. Compromises on materials to maintain costs might in turn land you in situations where more money is spent on material maintenance and recovery. Therefore, it is of importance to select materials that serve one for a longer time, making it more cost-efficient.


Where will the material be used?


White themed kitchen interior design


Stone surfaces such as marble can stain easily. It is thus crucial to consider where the material will be used and select one that won’t stain or blemish. This is especially so when considering bathroom and kitchen surfaces, which endure heat, water, and harsh cleaning products. It is recommended to seek professional interior design services to get the best advice on combining aesthetics with functionality.


Maintenance of the material


Using fibre cloth to clean the materials


Different materials have varying life-spans and range of adaptability to its surroundings. Some materials are able to last for a longer period, while others require regular maintenance, and some once used can never be reworked upon and require permanent replacement. Materials chosen should be capable of adapting to the weather and climate changes. Some materials degenerate quicker, especially in humid settings. Hence, it is best to select materials that come with durability and strength, and demand as little maintenance and replacement as possible.


Are the materials sustainable?


Sustainable eco-friendly materials for home


Sustainability continues to be a growing trend and one of the top reasons that consumers choose one material over another. Using eco-friendly and sustainable materials like bamboo, abode, silica fume, fibres, cork are much more beneficial compared to cement and concrete. Alternatively, you can also opt for locally available materials to reduce transportation hassle and emissions caused by vehicular gases.


Selecting materials for your residential interior design takes time and patience. Starting with the fundamentals and keeping things simple can help you avoid making mistakes with your home renovation.


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