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If you’re looking to update your home, the possibilities and decisions to be made can seem overwhelming. Many renovations should be done with the understanding that your home won’t automatically increase in value to cover the expense of the work. Some renovations bring higher returns, but many should be done solely for your own enjoyment. That said, renovating or remodeling your home should be fun and in Singapore, Fineline Design has the skills and experience needed to make renovating enjoyable. Here are some great renovations to consider to give you the look and feel you’ve always wanted.



Do-It-Yourself With Paint


An easy, relatively inexpensive way to give your home a new look is simply by updating your paint. Grey tones and neutral colors give rooms a larger, more luxurious feel. Shop for furniture in warm, matching tones or classic wood to continue the feel throughout the space. Splashes of color by way of throw pillows, accent rugs, or pictures and paintings will draw the eye without ruining the effect you’re trying to create.


If neutral paints are not your style, go all out with bold, bright color. If painting small rooms, paint the ceiling to match the walls to make the space feel larger. Bold accent walls or designs are a contemporary way to update your home without costing a great deal of money. If you choose to go bright, tone down the furnishings and let your paint make the statement.



Single Focus


Another great renovation idea that fits with any budget is to choose one room or area and create a focal point. This can be a built in library that takes up one wall, a large patio or deck design, an outdoor fireplace/kitchen/bar, or a glass and mirrors effect. Whatever you choose to do, by creating one stand out feature of your home, you’re creating a space you’ll love to be in and that guests will want to see.



If you have a larger budget, knock out that wall and put in floor to ceiling windows. Install an impressive tile mosaic outdoors or even in your entryway. With custom work, you can downplay design in the rest of your home, matching colors to bring focus back to where you want it. Put in that custom fireplace you’ve always wanted and enjoy!



Functional and Fabulous


While simple living is not a new idea, the movement is drawing more attention and popularity with the result that many are choosing to downsize their lives and their belongings. If you have been feeling cluttered, purging could be just what the doctor ordered! Why not combine your renovation desires with the need to feel less cluttered?


Instead of brightening up a drab space with lots of useless items and pictures on the walls, try choosing warm colors that make you happy. Paint the room, pick up a few new throw pillows and create a welcoming space. Plants are a great addition to any home and plant owners often feel more relaxed than those without. Scan your photos and paintings to upload into a single digital picture frame and donate the originals. Don’t want to get rid of your books? Try hanging a curtain over your bookcase to keep them out of view and add a splash of color to the room. Under sofa or bed organizers are a great way to clear up the clutter without having to throw anything away.



Open up your spaces by purchasing new, functional furniture. Many companies build dining sets that are comfortable and take up less room than traditional sets because chairs slide flush under the table. Sliding doors over closets or guests room allow privacy without the bulk of a traditional swing door. Corner shelves for storage, books, or to display your favorite items provide a great option for an area of the room that is generally overlooked.



Themed Overhaul


A very popular renovation is to skip the big projects and go straight to redecorating. Give your home a contemporary feel with white on white – white floors and walls, with warm, light colored wood furnishings. Accents of black pillows, picture frames, and light fixtures complete this look without making your home feel like a sterile hospital wing. Instead of an eclectic mix of colors and designs competing for your attention, attention is instantly drawn to the simplicity of the theme and your cherished items.


Love the industrial look? Rip out those carpets and go with some very trendy concrete floors. Turn one wall into a statement with brick. Cage light fixtures are popular and compliment this theme perfectly. Soften your space with accent rugs and knick-knacks you’ve collected over the years. Hit the antique and thrift shops to find great pieces to compliment your new look!


Your home can even have a more specific theme. Think cottage by the sea – lots of nautical inspired designs, seashells and driftwood found on the beach, and colors found in the waves. You should come home to a space you love and if animal prints or 1920’s Hollywood films are what you’ve always wanted to surround yourself with, do it. If you do choose a bold theme like animal prints, instead of covering the entire room in zebra print wallpaper, create an accent wall and choose a neutral color to compliment it for the rest of the room. Sometime less is definitely more!


Renovating your home is a big job. Interior designers can make the task less daunting and a lot more exciting! Fineline Design has years of experience in the business and has completed many successful projects. We can work with almost any budget, giving you the results you want to see. For renovation and design support in Singapore, Fineline Design is the company to call!