Mistakes To Avoid When Doing Home Renovations

fladmin Interior Design 05 Jul 2022


Renovating your home can be an exciting process, but as with any major undertaking, several things may go wrong along the way. Whether it’s a full home renovation or just an interior renovation, these projects can take a big bite out of your budget and time if they’re not done properly. We share some of the most common home renovation mistakes to avoid, to ensure the process starts, proceeds, and ends smoothly.


Neglecting the small details such as doors, lights and windows


Take some time to consider your lifestyle and possible future needs when renovating your home. It is important to avoid overlooking details such as the door, window, lights, outlet placements and traffic patterns throughout. Doing so will ensure functionality and efficient use of space. For lighting, you’d want to opt for cool lighting in the day and warm lighting at night. This is especially so in places such as the living room where it can serve as both an activity and relaxing space. Without proper lighting, the overall environment and interior of your home may look dull and uninviting.


Not planning your space carefully


Planning your home space revolves around analysing the purpose of spaces and those who will be living in it. It is an important component that helps to maximise space efficiently.Examples of bad space planning can include having a space where your furniture doesn’t fit, or a non functional kitchen layout that doesn’t leave room for sufficient working space. Therefore, it is recommended that you speak to a reliable interior designer in Singapore to get the best advice for your living spaces.


Choosing the wrong materials for different purposes


One question that homeowners should also consider is what materials they should use when renovating. It might seem like a tiny detail, but the wrong decision could bring far more serious repercussions than a clash of design. Choosing the right materials for your home renovation can affect a home’s appearance, durability, sustainability, performance, and completion date. If you’re not careful, choosing the wrong materials could cost you more money spent on repairs in the future, and potentially even compromise the value of your home.


Doing too much carpentry work


While carpentry is great for streamlining design and saving space, it is sometimes preferable to purchase storage furniture off the shelf rather than build cabinets that will remain in place permanently. Too much carpentry means you can’t move things around or get rid of them easily when you want a change of design. As such, it’s best to keep to the necessities and timeless styles when it comes to carpentry work.


Choosing to entirely follow trends


We often see the latest home designs in many magazines that capture the homeowner’s imagination. But it’s also important to bear in mind that your lifestyle and personal taste could change over time. Remember that while your furniture and wall colours can be trendy, big items like wood floors, your kitchen cabinets, your non-painted walls and other hard surfaces should comprise products that won’t go out of style. Stick with the simple and neutral tones for your interior renovation that add a timeless elegance to your home.


There are many things to take note of when it comes to renovating your home – make sure to consider these home renovation tips prior to starting on your renovation. If you’d like to find out more, reach out to our team of reliable interior designers at Fineline for your interior design and renovation needs!