Singapore House Interior Design: What Is Modern Industrial Interior Design?

adm_oom HDB interior design 15 Nov 2021

What Is Modern Industrial Interior Design?



The modern industrial interior design style has its roots in industrial design, which is an interior design style that dates back to the late 1700s when the industrial revolution gave rise to the evolution of architectural design. Building materials such as cast iron, steel, and glass were widely used then. 


Many years later in the mid-1900s, industrial buildings and factories that were abandoned needed a new purpose. They were then repurposed and transformed into beautiful living spaces, complete with elements that make up a style that we now know as the industrial interior design style. 

Today, the modern industrial style showcases the raw and edgy style of industrial design while softening it down with the sleek and fuss-free character of the modern design. Want to recreate this look for your home in Singapore? Check out the key characteristics of this interior renovation style.


1. Raw Materials

Raw Materials with Unfinished Cement Walls


Raw and bare structural elements, such as exposed pipes, beams, unfinished wood, brick walls, and cement walls are a common sight in houses featuring this interior design style. It is a signature style of this design that adds lots of character to the interior. 


However, compared to the original industrial style, the modern take prefers a good mix of raw materials and sleek finishes, with more nicely painted metals, sanded wood, polished cement walls, and more.


2. Dark Colours

Dark Coloured Tone Interior Design


In the modern industrial house interior design, dark and warm colours are commonly used to contrast against white or light neutral colours. Some interiors even avoid using light colours entirely and instead, use different dark colour tones such as black, brown, and grey.


Not only do these colours match the raw materials perfectly, but they also help to bring visual warmth to a home that would otherwise look too frigid and cold due to the use of metals. 


For adventurous people, you can choose to play around with different shades of colours and use vibrant tones such as red, yellow, and even green in your Singapore house interior design


3. Textures

Interior Design Of The House With Soft Texture


All the metal fixtures and raw structural elements can make a home look rigid. In order to provide visual balance and prevent the house from looking too stiff, soft textures such as plush sofas, scatter cushions, fluffy rugs, and throws, are added for contrast in the interior design.


3. Ambient Lighting

Pendant Lighting with Floor Lamp Interior Design


As an important aspect of interior design, lighting creates an ambience and helps to direct attention to the elements in your home that you want to place focus on. Making use of pendant lighting, floor lamps and track lights in your modern industrial home also helps to create warmth for a cosy and inviting atmosphere. 

In addition to the placement of light fixtures, the style of these fixtures matters too. From metallic finishes to vintage floor lamps, they help to add character to your home. Imagine having a floor lamp of an entirely different style, it will stand out like a sore thumb and ruin your house interior design.


5. Clean & Functional Designs

Finally, modern industrial homes should feature clean and functional furniture pieces. Instead of choosing furniture based on its appearance, consider its functionality. Does it help to make living convenient or does it take up space but serve no purpose?


Also, pay attention to pieces with a clean design made of metal or dark-coloured materials, such as dark wood, and opt for those pieces to achieve a balance between the modern and industrial styles. 


The modern industrial interior style is easy to achieve if you know how to strike a balance between the clean and sleek elements of the modern design and the raw and structural elements of industrial design. 


To perfect this house interior design, engage the services of a professional interior designer in Singapore and leave the design to them.


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