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adm_oom HDB interior design 02 Jan 2018


Using Accessories for Interior Design Singapore

Accessories are basically the decorative articles and items that you choose in order to make your home look more beautiful and artistic. These items can include – lamps, painting frames, antiques, sculptures, wall art, pillows, rugs, etc. All these items talk about the nature and taste of the house-owner. Hence, below are few of the tips that would help you choose the best accessories that would suit your home or business;



1. Items that represent you:

The things that you already possess are the first impression of your personality. Hence, you can go through your years old collection to choose the one that is best suited for your new interior. Again, you are the best person to understand what kind of accessory would match your liking. At Fineline, you can go through the complete range of artistic sample designs from our website. This will help you to decide on the type of accessories you would need.



2. Gauge your room’s style:

Items that go with the style of your interior design should be chosen. For example, if your interior design is influenced by the Scandinavian style, then in such cases contemporary items won’t compliment your interior. The Scandinavian is all about open space and simplicity. A well trained and expert in this field can help you with exactly what can go with your home style as per your taste. Seek help from our expert panels who are the best  interior design Singapore.



3. Consider a whole set of objects:

It’s always advisable to decorate your rooms with a group of items following a single theme. This may sound difficult, but it is important. Small tiny items usually tend to disappear or ignored by the eyesight. Hence, if you try to go for thematical items it would add more value to the objects, rather being displayed as single. Objects with same design should be chosen, for examples, if you are choosing a set of paintings to be hanged on your walls, then the frames, the design and color themes of each painting should match each other.



4. Create your own display options:

You do not need shelves all the time to display your favorite accessories. You can use your couches, tables, countertops, floors, window ledges etc to decorate as per your liking. These places can be decorated with exclusive crockery sets, bowls, tea sets, trays, shadow boxes etc.


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