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adm_oom HDB interior design 12 Mar 2018


Top 8 interior design tricks that will cut half of your cleaning time

Cleaning can be a highly time and energy consuming process. Having a well-organized interior design which enables you to cut down the cleaning time can be a real life-saver. These are the top ten interior design ideas that have the potential to eliminate your cleaning time by half.


Groot-less Flouring:


Homogeneous tiles are very commonly used in condos. They are very easy to clean because of the Groot-less nature of them. Flooring materials requiring joint lines leave no room for the settlement of dirt.



Bare and Simple walls:


Cornices and moldings collect dust very easily. With their edges, they are perfect homes for insects. Taking care of this issue with a proper solution can be very helpful in the long run.



Equip built-ins to the walls:


The lesser dents and bumps you’ve on your wall the easier it gets for cleaning. Having TV installments and shelves into your walls makes it easier to clean.



Stainless steel countertops for the kitchen:


Highly durable and stain and scratch resistant. What more do you want? It is too sleek for the dust to settle on. These qualities can make your life easier when it comes to cleaning your kitchen.



Concealed water pipes:


Wet areas are home to the dust gatherings and bacteria. Making sure that your house doesn’t get wet often can save you a lot of time and energy for cleaning purposes.



Bigger or No tiles at all:


Tiles have thin lines that leave gaps around them, which makes it comfortable for the dust to settle in. Having bigger tiles can reduce the area of these gaps, or better opting to no tiles at all can help you in a much better way.



Stain-resistant materials:


Using stainless steel and other similar materials for your interior design work wonders. These materials are too slippery for the dust to hang on to. Eliminating the scratch factor completely from the game can be a life-saving thing to do.



Getting rid of unnecessary things:


Removing all those unwanted or no-use components from your house saves you a lot of energy and time in the cleaning process.


Additionally, there can be several other tweaks that you can make and cut down your cleaning time. Interior design plays an important role in the maintenance of your home. Making sure that it’s designed properly can help you in many ways that you can’t even imagine.