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interior design | Top 5 places to shop for your home in Singapore
March 12, 2018
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Top 5 places to shop for your home in Singapore

The most disappointing thing about shopping furniture and home accessories in Singapore is that people aren’t aware, of the many options available out there except IKEA and Tabao. To overcome that hurdle we are listing some of the leading design company Singapore. After checking out these options that offer diverse interior design concepts Singapore, you’d definitely agree with us.


An amazing pick would be the Supermama store, available online and offline. The reason to pick this one is that all of its designs are done in Singapore and the manufacturing takes place in Japan, making it classy and absolutely sassy. You could pick from the online website or drop into one of the Supermama stores located at Beach road, Orchard road or Malan road. Supermama specializes in minimalist interior design and you can find simple wood structures that are definite space saviours.


If you are talking sofas, then this is the interior design company Singapore that you must have on your list. You can pick any type of sofa as per your space requirements. It could be a two seater, three seater or a convertible that you are looking for. These classy sofas are moderately priced and are definitely not going to be an over the top purchase. You can also find other minimalist interior design such as convertible tables and sofa beds.


You have some of the most stunning tribal prints out here at Originals. That’s not all, the wide assortment of options show significant touch of traditional designs from India and Java. The fabric, teak and tribal weaves out here are a feast to the eyes and an absolute luxury to have. You could get anything from a Bamileke coffee table to a hand carved cabinet out here.

Cluster Cluster

For those who like to add a tinge of adventure to their house in the form of basic essentials such as wastebaskets, lamps, vases, cushions and chandeliers, this place is the best bet. You can count on them for some exciting and bold designs to make your place livelier with their interior design concepts Singapore.


If you like to go all classic with teak, rosewood and classic vintage paintings then this is the interior design firm Singapore that you must have on your list. The stuff that you buy from here is sure to give your home a glimpse of a Scandinavian interior design.



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