Interior design | Tips to partly renovate your house in Singapore

adm_oom Uncategorized 01 Mar 2018


Tips to partly renovate your house in Singapore

We understand that it is not always feasible to frequently renovate your house. To help you overcome that, we’ve listed down some easy stuff that you can do to add that tinge of freshness to your existing home decor. With these easy tips you can plan some of the most time saving and cost-effective interior design concepts Singapore.


Change the Drapes


A great way to add a new look to your house would be to change your curtains or shift to blinds from curtains or vice versa. Also if you are a stickler to blinds, you must know that there are several varieties to choose from such as vertical, Venetian, mini, pleated micro and many more. We recommend that when you plan such interior design concepts Singapore, you take a note of the climate and the cleaning requirements.



Change the flooring


If a major renovation does not fit into your budget, you could plan something as minimal as changing your flooring. There are many options such as hardwood, bamboo, ceramic and more to choose from. While some options are durable, the others are classy and demand maintenance. Depending on the time and resources that you have, you can choose and get an interior design firm Singapore to do that for you.



Paint the walls


The best way to add a dash of liveliness to your house is by painting the walls with something totally different from what it is. You can get ideas from interior design firm Singapore or tell them you specific preference. We recommend monochrome because it’s a classy option that never goes out of style. You can also consider having white walls to make your small condo look a lot more spacious.



Reshuffle the furniture


If you are on a really low-budget and also bored looking at the old set-up of your home, then try reshuffling your furniture and you’d be surprised at the change that brings. You can also look up for some minimalist interior design tips while your do that. If getting a new coffee table sounds interesting, then you can find one online and very much within a reasonable budget.


We recommend that you consider minimalist interior design that is widely adopted by nearly all interior design firm Singapore. This ensures your house looks spacious and free from clutter. Also simplicity in the overall colour combination is recommended. This makes your overall renovation Singapore look stylish, prim and proper.