Interior Design Mistakes First Time Homeowners Should Avoid

adm_oom HDB interior design 10 Feb 2020


You’re over the top excited. You’ve waited years for the complete turnover and now you finally have gotten the ownership of your own house. Just imagine, your own place!  Your own crib, waiting to be filled with life.


The carefree kid in you is screaming and jumping in joy. He/she can’t wait to bring life to all those drawings he/she made years ago. Scandinavian interior design in Singapore for that kid is nothing but possible. The grown-up in you, however, is reeling back. He/she simply wants a minimalist approach to this long-awaited safe haven.


The excitement is overflowing that you can’t decide what you are really after. That’s okay, we get it. Being a homeowner for the first time can really make someone jittery and for that same reason, they tend to unconsciously commit interior design sins.


Don’t let your nerves get the best of you, be aware of these common first-time homeowner sins.


1. Bad Lighting


Lighting is one of the most important elements in interior design amongst other industries as well. It is often overlooked and some are not even aware that their lighting is too dim or too harsh. One of the most common mistakes is to have dim lighting for an already stark minimalist design, that results in a gloomy and depressing vibe. Additionally, good lighting is not only about being bright or well lit. It is only considered to be good when it has achieved the mood and ambience appropriate for the design of your choice, enhanced the aesthetic value of your house, and created a safe yet illuminating place for you to live in.


2. Misplaced Art


Art is meant to be appreciated. If you have visited someone’s home with artworks that made you tilt your head or raise your brow, it could only mean that the masterpiece does not really work with wherever it was hung. Or maybe the wall was already too crowded with others. Avoid hanging artworks that are beyond the eye level, unless there is a negative space around it that provides a subtle spotlight which makes it easier to look at. Remember there isn’t a hideous art but there is however misplaced art.


3. Too Much Sentiment


Hoarding things out of sentiment is perhaps an Asian thing that no one can deny. Everybody wants to keep grandma’s big old cabinet and perhaps every picture frame the family owns since the last Cold War. Sentiment is not entirely bad but it goes against home interior designs even in Singapore, a proud Asian country. Nowadays, it is okay to embrace your own individuality and acknowledge that you don’t have to hang something around simply for the reason that it’s an heirloom.


4. Exposed Everything


There are things inside a house to be flamboyant about such as your walk-in closet, your kitchen counter, and even your posh bathroom but there are also certain things you cannot leave lying around. Storages, wires, pet bowls, and outlets to name a few of the common eyesores inside the house. Interior design is not just about art but it is also about maximising your space for a better living condition. This definitely involves creative ways to hide these eyesores that could cause unwanted emergencies if not taken care of.


5. White Walls are the Best


Many would think that white walls make a vibrant home. However, it is also a common first-time homeowner’s choice because it goes with anything. Whilst there is the truth in that, always remember to pick furniture and fabric first before choosing your paint or wallpapers. Home walls aren’t the same as your desktop’s. It is just not advisable to have different wallpaper in different rooms. Consistency is key. Don’t make it a screensaver for your sanity’s sake.


While you can always redesign your home, isn’t it better to get it right the first time? Especially now that you have the knowledge of the things you should avoid as a first-time homeowner. You could certainly do it!


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