Interior design | 5 Renovation mistakes that can mess up your Wifi speed

Home Interior Design 06 Feb 2018


Renovating our home brings us a lot of changes in our daily activities. There are several benefits of home renovation, but also a few cons come with it. One of them can be the potential speed down of your Wi-fi signals. Having a slow wi-fi can really irritate us and sometimes have the potential to make things harder for us since we do a lot of things over the internet. Precautions need to be taken to make sure that the renovation process doesn’t affect the wi-fi speed.



Skipping out on the Lan points:


The number of lan points is very similar to the number of electrical sockets. Both can make our life easier or harder. Having multiple lan points at the necessary areas of our home can really make it easier to access the internet through a wireless connection. Making sure to set up the required number of lan portals at the necessary areas can really help in the long run.



Giving priority to the Carpentry and not the wiring:


In my humble opinion, wiring is more important than the carpentry. After all, we can’t live without the electricity and internet in our house. Proper wiring should be done to have appropriate access to both the electricity and the internet. Wiring should be planned with having the long run in mind.



Cluttering your router with furniture:


If your router or modem is in a clumsy place with carpentry around it, your electronic devices can’t access the signals properly. Make sure that you leave some space for the router to be placed so that you can have flawless wi-fi signals. An open shelf can be a great option to place your router.



A bad home layout:


Wi-fi signals are known to be reflecting. They can be diverted or even absorbed into objects. Having a poor layout can affect your wi-fi signals greatly. Several renovation Singapore firms can help you with proper home layouts.



Wi-fi Dead zones:


There will always be those spots in your home, where you can’t access proper signals no matter what. So while renovating your home, keep this in mind and be aware of these dead zones. Don’t assign these spots for your wi-fi router.