How to Create a Bedroom Your Kids Will Grow With

Home Interior Design 09 Mar 2021


Your child would soon become a grown-up teen in a blink of an eye. So, cherish his childhood years because it would be the most memorable ones. While growing up, his character will slowly shape during his early years, and you would definitely want him to grow up in an environment where he could freely express himself and grow his character. Here’s a starting point— decorating your child’s bedroom! The challenging parts you may face would probably be the cost of interior renovation in Singapore and looking for a reliable interior designer. Not to worry, we’re here to help! Read on as we share some quick tips with you.



Tips for Designing a Kid’s Room


It’s hard to resist the temptation of getting an adorable crib or bed frame and painting the walls with shades of rose pink or baby blue. However, your child will quickly outgrow this design. Thus, it is important to look ahead— think long term. Come up with a flexible design– something that can be rearranged with just a few steps. To make the renovations more manageable, here are some simple tricks and tips on how to design a child’s bedroom without needing a major revamp:


1. Go for the Classics!


Classics mean wood furniture pieces and neutral colour palettes. It’s what we can find in a minimalist interior design showroom in Singapore. This sort of design means starting with the basics and building up the design from there. Thus, go with basic colours like white or cream-coloured wallpapers. These go well with home decors that have bold, shocking colours. Also, consider solid wood furniture.  It has a timeless appeal, so it looks great with almost all interior themes.


Remember, in terms of cost and labour, changing home decors such as rugs, pillow coverings and picture frames are more affordable than repainting the walls. So, it is ideal to use a neutral interior paint colour.



2. Look for Multipurpose Furniture


Furniture pieces that have a double purpose can help save some money because you don’t have to refurbish it once and again. Some of these pieces are dressers that can double as a desk for a changing mat. It can be used for diaper-changing sessions, and at the same time, a child can use it as an extra storage space for her dolls and other small knick-knacks.



3. Add a Gallery Wall


Eventually, your child would want to personalise his bedroom so it would be a great idea to add a gallery wall. Here’s how it works: you’ll have to leave aside an empty wall that is reserved for your child’s artworks or photo frames. This allows him to express his creativity and thoughts as he grows up. Consult an interior design firm in Singapore if you’re looking to create a beautiful gallery wall without leaving any wall damages.



4. Create a Study Space


Look ahead into the future! Once your little ones start attending school, a study space would definitely come in handy. It would be wise to have a nightstand that could double as a study desk because this can help save a lot of bedroom space. A professional interior designer would be able to help create a customised floating desk so that your room would appear less cramped. Not to forget, adding some built-in shelves that would be used for their books and other school supplies would be a great idea too!


Lastly, bear in mind that it is still your child’s personal space. It will be important to speak and discuss the ideas with your child for you to create a space he would love growing up in.


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