Home Interior Design: Steps To Creating A Stylish Bathroom

Home Interior Design 17 Nov 2021

Steps To Creating A Stylish Bathroom in Home Interior Design


Our bathroom is an area of our home interior design that we frequently overlook. Bathrooms in typical HDB flats in Singapore have similar layouts, colours, and styles, making it difficult to think outside the box when it comes to creating stylish bathroom designs.


Despite the limited space, there are numerous ways to fully utilise every corner of your bathroom to create beautiful interiors for your relaxation. With these simple tips and interior design ideas, you can now put together your own stylish bathrooms.


1. Mix & Match Tiles


When you look into your bathroom, the first thing that catches your eye is the tiles. They are available in a variety of colours, styles, and designs, and how they are styled can make or break an interior design. If you’re daring and enjoy creating dynamic designs for your home interior design, try incorporating that into your bathroom design as well.


Bathroom Interior Design Idea


Some bathroom interior design ideas you can consider include combining Peranakan tiles of different patterns or laying glass tiles in different colours on your walls. Aside from the colour and designs of your tiles, you can even lay the tiles diagonally to create the illusion of a bigger bathroom.


2. Accent Lights


Accent lighting is an important component of home interior design. Lights are added to various corners of your home to draw attention to each design element; they also help to create cosy atmospheres for you to relax in. Did you know that accent lights can also be used in your bathroom? Instead of illuminating your entire bathroom with a single white light, why not incorporate track lights and lamps to create a different atmosphere?


Accent Lighting in a Bathroom Interior Design


With a single white light, you are simply lighting up your bathroom for visibility purposes. However, using vintage lamps by your vanity or track lights above your shower will transform the bathroom into a relaxing spa.


3. Unique Toilet Fittings


Rose Gold Toilet Fittings


Switch out your default toilet fittings for rose gold, copper, matte black fixtures, or sleek ones with metallic accents. These elements and materials are in trend now and they can instantly elevate the appearance of your bathroom, making it appear effortlessly stylish and luxurious.


4. Accessorise with Plants


Plants in a Bathroom Interior Design


Plants are ideal home interior design accessories because they fit into every corner and can transform the space into a sanctuary. They are also soothing to the eyes and can give our mood a boost. Simply place a small potted plant in each corner of your vanity for a pop of greenery, hang a lush and leafy potted plant over your vanity or place a large plant near your shower for a touch of nature.


5. Extend Your Bathroom


Bathroom Interior Design Floor Plan


If your dream is to have a large bathroom in your home with a double vanity or bathtub, you can even choose to extend your bathroom into your bedroom space.


Work with a professional interior designer who can assist you in achieving that while keeping your home interior design functional and beautiful. By extending your bathroom, you get more space to play around with and a spacious bathroom to relax in every night.


We recommend working with a professional if you wish to extend your bathroom because you will need to apply for permits and adhere to renovation guidelines.


Bathrooms contribute to the overall appearance of our home interior design and there are many ways to make them stylish. Need more interior design ideas for your home? Tap on the expertise of the interior designers at Fineline Design, an award-winning interior design company in Singapore specialising in creating stunning interiors for both residential and commercial spaces. Create your dream home with us today.