6 Tips On Rearranging Your Furniture By Yourself

adm_oom HDB interior design 03 Jun 2020


During this lockdown period, one may think of many ways as to how to be productive, and one way is to rearrange your furniture by yourself. Your home is an external expression of your internal self and making your home interior reflect that is a comforting and creative experience. No matter if your living room is big or small, having the right furniture arrangement and home interior design in Singapore will make the experience more enjoyable and the lockdown more bearable.


Here are six important tips on how to rearrange your furniture by yourself.



1. Do not crowd


When arranging living room furniture, there’s no need to crowd; leave room for traffic and an entry drop spot. To have a minimalist renovation in Singapore means that cosy key seating pieces up to the fireplace must face each other. Use end tables as landing spaces on both ends of the sofa. Pair chairs to balance the visual weight of the sofa and to maximise seating. The living room furniture arrangement should account for visiting guests, but still, feel cozy when it’s only you and your family.



2. Make an open conversation space


If your home interior has no free walls and a centered fireplace, float seating in the center of a room filled with doors and windows. Face chairs and sofa toward each other to encourage conversation. Anchor the conversation grouping with a rug and large coffee table. Frame the space with additional seating and cabinets for storage, positioned around the perimeter of the room along the walls. Arranging furniture around a fireplace, especially in the winter, makes your living room feel inviting and cosy.



3. Have a focal point


If you’re not sure how to arrange furniture in a living room, orient seating so it takes advantage of whatever view your room has to offer, whether it’s a TV or a bank of windows. Create your own home interior focal point by hanging a large piece of art on a wall or create a vignette of favourite objects on a console or bookshelf. If you can’t decide between arranging the furniture around the fireplace or the TV, choose both and mount the TV above the fireplace.



4. Leave spaces for traffic


One of the secrets to learning how to arrange furniture is making sure you leave enough space between pieces. A reliable interior designer in Singapore would allow 30 inches between furniture you need to be able to walk around and 14 to 18 inches between a coffee table and sofa, so drinks are within reaching distance. This should still be held true when planning a living room furniture arrangement, because if a piece of furniture is too far away, it may look like it’s floating in the room without purpose.



5. Pay attention to details


The key to a good furniture arrangement is all in the details—especially side tables and coffee tables. Consider your interior’s size and furniture arrangement when choosing the right coffee table. Use round pedestal tables as side tables between chairs and sofas. The curves of round tables make them easier to navigate around. When space is tight, use nesting tables for flexible use when needed.



6. Lighting is key


It is a key factor in the overall mood of your home interior and plays a big part when planning how to arrange living room furniture. Windows let in ample natural light, while chandeliers, sconces, and lamps keep the room bright at night. Improve your lighting by installing in-floor electrical outlets to service floating furniture arrangements.



However, don’t overdo it


When you’re all about implementing your renovation design ideas in Singapore it is kind of hard to stop but the trick is knowing when it’s time to walk away. Rearranging your home can be a safe way to work through your perfectionistic tendencies, but it also has the potential to become a problematic obsession. There’s a place for perfectionism and many successful people have a bit of “obsessionality” in them. But the key is recognising when your work is done at least, for the time being.


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