6 Mini-Renovation Projects You Could Do to Be Productive

adm_oom HDB interior design 14 May 2020


Tackling home improvement projects and renovation design ideas in Singapore during the Covid-19 quarantine presents a particular challenge. While you may have an abundance of time at home to complete them, you might not have all of the necessary supplies and tools on hand. And you will definitely want to avoid anything too dangerous that could result in a trip to the hospital.


However, do not worry, there are still plenty of tasks you can check off the to-do list right now, starting with the simple-yet-satisfying ideas below. If you have extra paint, some basic gardening gear, and a tool kit at home, you have everything you will need to work on these mini-renovation projects.



1. Additional storage


Additional storage is always a bonus with good interior design ideas in Singapore, while you may not have additional storage cupboards available, you can create storage space through utilising items that are about to be thrown out, for instance, an old kleenex and shoe box.



2. Create a recharging station


Creating a dedicated space for belongings is one mini renovation design idea that can help refresh a space. With many electronic devices shared by multiple people, cables can be found everywhere!


Creating a recharge area will allow for dedicated electronics, such as phones or Apple watches to be placed at the end of the day. The good news is that this space will further help create positive uninterrupted time with your family. By having your phone and Apple watch left in a certain spot, family time becomes front of mind without the distractions of social media. Gather up all the cables and see which ones double up, you can then use a dedicated space for this design idea to charge all of your electronic devices at the same time, in a clean and efficient way.



3. Refresh your yard


How is your yard looking? Finding time to refresh your backyard on weekends can be hard with last-minute plans, weather changes and sports. The longer you stay in lockdown the more reasons to refresh your yard, repot some plants, pull out some weeds or repaint a bench. By doing a quick renovation of the yard, you get the benefits of fresh air and your yard looking amazing.



4. Patch holes


With kids or the wear and tear of everyday life, a few dings would have happened along the way. While you stay inside you can patch a few holes on your wall, you can also save a repaint job for a later date with your trusted interior designer, but the prep work to patch wall holes is just as important.



5. Reorder your ornaments


Colour schemes, renovation design ideas, and home interior design trends in Singapore are always changing. Consider rearranging your ornaments. A little bit of shuffling around can change the whole feel of your home. Do not be scared of colour! Set aside a few coloured ornaments to add a splash of colour to the finishings.



6. Get Quotes


Some home improvements projects cannot be achieved without the professional help of an interior designer firm in Singapore. During this lockdown, you can get as many quotes as you can online, talk to interior designers of your choice to get a feel of what you want to be doing as your next big home improvement.



Really the sky’s the limit


These six mini-renovation projects are only the start, the basics that everyone can do and benefit from. But really, the sky’s the limit when you are stuck inside this lockdown period, just be sure these renovation projects are not costing you more than it should.


If you are looking for a good interior designer firm in Singapore, visit our website and let our experts help you with your renovation projects!