5 Factors that Make Your Bathroom Look Outdated

adm_oom HDB interior design 29 Nov 2019


Trends come and go and before you know it, a style that you thought was fashionable once is now behind the times—making your home look outdated.


One illustration of this is if your bathroom is inundated with nostalgic but now outdated design details: paste tiles, matching fixtures, and textured wallpaper to name a few. If this is the case for you, then maybe an upgrade should be in order.


There are several ways you can spruce up your bathroom and each one begins by identifying what makes it look outdated in the first place.


1. Old Medicine Cabinet


While essential for storage, old and worn medicine cabinets can make your bathroom feel dark and dingy. Most residential interior designers in Singapore suggest two options to remedy this: either invest in new storage options or revive a plain-old mirrored cabinet with a picture frame. The latter should instantly update an old fixture with little to no work.

2. Poor Lighting


Poor lighting is not only detrimental to the overall design of your bathroom but can also be hard on your eyes, particularly when you’re applying makeup, shaving your hair, or reading on the loo. You can update your bathroom with a classic daylight bulb but you can also go beyond basic by installing additional lighting fixtures—pendants or wall sconces, perhaps?



3. Pastel Fixtures


Although they were a trend that influenced many homeowners in the 20th century, you can still make use of the pastel bathroom fixtures of yesterday in the present. Complement your old, pastel pink bathtub with modern features such as bronze faucets, wood accents, faux fur rugs, and potted plants to name a few.

4. Cracked Shower Glass and Rusty Metal Fixtures


Like an old medicine cabinet, cracked glasses and rusty metal fixtures all give the impression of neglect—not to mention, date your bathroom years. They can be costly and laborious to replace but they sure are a reasonable investment. Nevertheless, you can always opt for cheaper alternatives such as replacing glass shower doors with curtains.



5. Padded Toilet Seats


Your padded toilet seat probably reminds you of that in your grandmother’s house. But, more important than being nostalgic, this feature is outdated and potentially unhygienic, too. Consider replacing it with the classic ceramic toilet seat or better yet, explore your options with wood veneer toilet seats. Some products even resemble the look of oak and maple finishes.

Final Tip


A bathroom is like any other room in your home: it’s not created to be temporary. If you want your space to have that timeless look—one that’s relevant today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow, you’ll want to opt for designs, styles, colours, and materials that are meant to last.


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