Singapore Interior Design Trends to Look Forward in 2020

adm_oom HDB interior design 20 Dec 2019


2020 is here!


As we usher in the New Year, we create new resolutions, set new goals, make a bucket list, and more likely than not, keep an eye out for the latest trends.


Now is the best time to give our personal lives some attention and your home, too! But, you have to admit, updating your home with the latest interior design trends can be quite complex, particularly when you don’t know where to start.


But, don’t worry! As an interior design service company, we already did the searching to get a vibe of which trends are most likely to dominate the Singapore interior design scene. From colour palettes and themes to furniture and beyond, we’re giving you a head start by gathering some of the trends you can look forward to in the upcoming year.





You may think of velvet as the old, red upholstery that graces the many furniture in outdated hotels and restaurants. But, for 2020, it’s getting a major update as it becomes available in a wider range of colour options. Think pastels, neutrals, earthy tones, and of course, the Pantone 2020 Classic Blue.



Floral Wallpapers, Printed Patterns, and Solid Colours


Aside from velvets, another trend that’s enjoying a renaissance is floral wallpapers. The same is true for printed patterns and solid colours. But, in contrast to the pastel pink, flowery wallpaper you used to see from your grandmother’s, we’ll see more floral patterns in pops of colour such as yellow this 2020.



If the past few years were about the prevalence of minimalist interior design, 2020 will be all about maximalism—a movement that will embrace creative, bold, and fun interiors, with unlikely mixtures of colours, patterns, textures, and materials. It seems we have moved on from less is more to more is more.



Biophilic Design


Biophilia is an approach to interior design that integrates human design and nature in a way that doesn’t seem forced or manufactured. It leans toward the use of raw elements such as wood, metal, and stone, resulting in a space that looks clean and eco-friendly. Its rise in popularity seems only fitting as society moves toward sustainability.

Sustainable Design


As mentioned above, the new year is also moving towards sustainable design. Sustainable furniture is being slowly introduced to the Singapore market and interior designers are continually exploring opportunities to mix what seems to be two conflicting elements: nature and technology. We can only look forward to seeing more innovations that the earth can appreciate.


Of course, not all of the trends that dominated in 2019 are bidding goodbye. Some of them are here to stay and probably for a few more years to come.



2019 Interior Design Trends that are Here to Stay for 2020


Neutrals – Interiors with furniture, walls, floors, and fabrics in the same neutral palette will remain a trend this upcoming year. While the maximalism movement is here, staying in neutrals are for those who want to maintain a modern classic look.

Feminine Tones – It appears that the 2019 Pantone Color, Living Coral has lingering effects with interior design companies pushing feminine tones into 2020. However, expect to see pink in variations of colour such as blush and millennial pink—in combination with metallic accents.


Mixed Metals – Capping off the list, metals will continue to bring its luxurious look in 2020. But, it seems that we’ll see more than the usual gold such as brass, aluminium, cast iron, and copper in different finishes such as antiqued, brushed, and hammered.


There’s more to look forward to in the world of interior design in Singapore and we’re just as excited as you are about how you would update your home to welcome 2020. As a residential and commercial interior design firm in Singapore, we can help you find the balance in introducing these trends to your home.


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