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adm_oom HDB interior design 02 Jan 2018


4 Smart Space Planning tricks

The furnishing is the biggest challenge to achieve when it comes to renovation and interior designing. Furnitures are the one that makes your interior design complete and give it the final look.  However, it’s difficult to choose the best furniture that would best utilize the space of your property making it look as per your taste and preference. Below are a few tips that would help you plan your own space;



1. Research and motivation:

The internet is nowadays an answer for all the questions. It’s recommended to take help from internet for gathering ideas and knowledge about the furniture layout. This would give you information about the different styles and trends of furnitures available and choose the best that would suit your space. Our Fineline website is a hub of various home and office furnishing designs. Our blogs are pooled with lots of uniquely designed and trendy furniture’s that would help you decide on your trends and taste.



2. Creating a space plan:

A demo space plan should be created in order to give a rough idea about the measurements and other scales of your place. This is basically a skeleton model of your property, along with all numerical measurements. Then the existing furniture’s should be measured in order to take an estimate about the measurements required by the new furnitures. An expert in interior designing would be the best person to help you out with this section. At Fineline, the best interior design company Singapore, we have a set of well qualified and experienced designers who can help you with this at affordable prices.



3. Rules of design:

As the interior designing field has been flourishing since ages, there are certain rules which, if followed, would help you with understanding the correct size of tables, chairs, rugs etc that would go with your available space. Our officials are expert in this field and help you utilize the maximum space of your home. Even the smallest detail is taken into consideration and suggestions are given accordingly to make your home look more spacious at the same time fully equipped.



4. Action Plan:

Once the above three are achieved, the last step would be getting the furnishings done as per your plan. This is a tiring job, however once all set, you would be glad to see that your thoughts have finally come into real existence. Fineline makes sure our each and every customer is completely satisfied and happy with the services that they get. Hence, our experts work at their best to provide top notch services.


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