Interior design concepts singapore | urban loft bachelor’s pad

Interior Design Ideas 15 Nov 2017


A swinging bachelor’s pad indeed, this four-room HDB at has been tailored for a homeowner who’s big on entertaining. To make his guests feel right at home, the designers from Fineline Design opened up the communal zones to create a spacious open plan layout. An urban loft style design the home with its sleek monochromatic colour scheme and gorgeous counter tops from Caesarstone.




Everything has a place and so do the different areas zoned out in the communal space. The designers carefully segregated each area so that everything flows in terms of its functionality, design cohesion and the walking space. For instance, the shoe cabinet topped with Caesarstone Classico collection in Jet Black de marcates the living area from the front entrance and the bar area behind it.





Hacking away the boundary walls of the previously enclosed kitchen has done wonders to this four- room flat. Thanks to this reconfiguration, the home is now bright, airy and feels welcoming. In the sea of monochromes, the lustrous quartz countertop in pristine white helms the kitchen space and visually separates it from the rest of the communal zones.





This home is built for entertaining guests, and senior project designer Wayne Tan from Fineline meticulously considered the homeowner’s personal interests and lifestyle habits. “The owner loves having friends over and has amassed quite a sizeable collection of liquor bottles,” he says. As such, the communal areas are configured in such a way that guests can mingle around the open concept kitchen and living area. A special bar corner was also commissioned, complete with a glass showcase divider to house bottles of liquor.





From the decorative embellishments to the functional cabinetry works, every inch of this HDB flat has been wisely maximised. The design team balanced all the design elements in harmony and ensured all the custom-built fixtures serve the owner’s needs well. Even with strong visual accents – such as the dramatic
black-and-white wall mural of the Eifel Tower – nothing distracts the eye from the free-flowing appeal of the urban loft style.





A hardworking kitchen deserves durable worktops and an effcient working layout. Noted for their resilience and luxurious sheen, countertops made from Caesarstone are the perfect fit. The glossy white serves as a great neutral ground to build the kitchen’s aesthetics around, such as the striking mosaic backsplash. A suffcient flow of kitchen counters also allows the homeowner to cook like a pro and proudly display his favourite servingware.










Although it has all the trappings of a master bedroom, this is actually a common bedroom that has been converted accordingly. The original master bedroom is now a spacious walk-in wardrobe. In the main sleeping quarters itself, the designers worked with a richer colour scheme, using textured wallpaper to draw a chic yet restful ambiance, and completing the look with a subtle pattern from Caesarstone collection.