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adm_oom HDB interior design 16 Nov 2017


Senior project designer Raymond Kuek from Fineline extended the kitchen into the adjacent utility room and knocked down the kitchen entrance wall to create the open floor plan that the owners requested. This effectively turned the kitchen into the uncontested heart of the home. The larger door space meant that the designers can now build an island counter – topped with a polished Caesarstone surface – in the middle of the kitchen.


Quality Control


An open concept kitchen has always been a dream for the young owners of this home, and interior design firm Fineline planned to make this dream come true. Designer Raymond Kuek reconfigured the floor plan and created a stylish open kitchen with a large island counter in the middle. Not only does the newly rejigged space look and function better than before, it also boasts high quality materials in the form of Caesarstone surface material on the cabinets and countertops.




Two generations living under one roof means that the design of the home needs to accommodate different needs and stylistic preferences. When the couple and their parents wanted to move into this 3-bedroom maisonette, they decided to go with a contemporary-style that is hinged upon quality materials.