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5 top qualities of fineline – interior design singapore

Fineline is the most trusted and renowned name for all your interior design and renovation needs in Singapore. We are proud to announce that our interior design webpage was ranked no.1 in Google.  We were established in the year 2010 and own 3 showrooms all over Singapore. We have an accreditation to perform HDB renovation. Since our establishment we have successfully completed many residential, public and commercial projects.


Fineline has put in a lot of efforts and hard work in order to achieve the position that we are holding today. Our services are sophisticated and we provide complete professional assistance for all interior design Singapore. Below are few of our qualities that enable us to give you the best experience of services;



1. Comprehensive attitude:

We have a team of expert interior designers who put in all their expertise to provide you the best services that you can ever get into interior designing. Our first priority is customer satisfaction. Hence, it’s important for us to understand and analyze on, what are you exactly looking for? Our experts try to gather maximum information, with limited intervention.



2. Uniqueness:

We at Fineline are very innovative and creative as far as our designs are concerned. Our each set of work done until now is a unique masterpiece. We provide designs that are simple, elegant and yet sophisticated and stylish.



3. Great Vision:

Fineline experts are those who have the expertise and capability to convert thoughts into reality. These talented designers make Fineline the best interior design company Singapore. Personal and detailed attention are given to each and every space of your home to make it more accessible.



4. Executing the best:

Fineline understands that your home is the place where you can be yourself. This goes with the interiors also. Though we have a list of designs to provide you, still your thoughts are always valued at Fineline, because, at the end it’s your space and your house. We provide solutions and ideas that match to what exactly our client is looking for. This finally ends up in executing something that is very unique. Hence, this is where our unique designs come from.



5. Design available for all space:

Our homes are near and dear to us, may it be big or small. We at Fineline understand this emotion of our customers and hence come up with great interior design options for all types and sizes of houses. We are at your service always to help you make better utilization of even the smallest space of your dwelling.


Unique designs of Fineline are available on our webpage. You can go through our designs on Renovation Singapore, HDB Renovation, interior design Singapore sections. Try our services once; we are sure that you would be left amazed and surprised with the results.