Tips for Incorporating Nature Into Your Urban Home

Interior Design Ideas 26 May 2023

Tips for Incorporating Nature Into Your Urban Home


It is everyone’s dream to live in the most beautiful urban city, but life in a busy metropolis can also be draining. The constant rush, crowded streets, and noise can cause stress and make living difficult. Fortunately, being close to nature can revitalize your senses and bring you some much-needed tranquillity amidst the hustle and bustle. In this article, we’ll explore some practical and creative ways to incorporate the great outdoors into your urban home so that you can enjoy green living without having to move to the countryside.


1. Use Natural Materials to Add Warmth and Cosiness



Source: De Zeen


Materials such as wood, linen, natural stone, bamboo, and rattan are excellent for achieving a harmonious blend between nature and the modern lifestyle. Wood furniture brings warmth and texture, linen provides a soft and luxurious feel, while stone’s beautiful natural patterns can be used to create statement pieces to add a touch of sophistication to your home.


Here are some interior design ideas on how to furnish your home with these materials:


  • Lay a piece of linen tablecloth over a warm, wooden dining table topped with a vase of flowers and surround it with rattan dining chairs. Hang linen curtains on your windows to soften your interior and diffuse sunlight entering your home. Place a tree stump coffee table with a cactus plant next to the curtains for added visual interest.

  • Customise a natural stone kitchen countertop, such as with marble or granite, and contrast it with a simple and dark wooden cabinetry to allow the stone’s natural striking patterns to shine.

  • Anchor your media entertainment sets with bamboo fixtures along the side to create a feature wall resembling a bamboo forest.


2. Incorporate Elements of Nature for a Greener and Calmer Interior


Incorporate Elements of Nature for a Greener and Calmer Interior


Decorating your home with elements that come from the natural environment is a great way to make your home feel greener and calmer. One of the most common ways of doing so is to introduce plants to your interior; they purify the air, add a touch of colour, help reduce stress, and enhance the mood of your space. But if you’re not a fan of plants, items such as driftwood, seashells, twigs, and pinecones are good alternatives too.


  • Use plants of different sizes and heights, as well as a variety of pots and planters, to create a layered effect and visual interest.

  • Group seashells, rocks, or pinecones together in a decorative tray or bowl to decorate a coffee table or bookshelf.

  • Beautify a wall with a piece of statement art made of driftwood, twigs, pinecones, and your favourite photos.


3. Use Earthy Colours to Warm Up Your Interior Atmosphere



Source: Arredare Moderno


Colours inspired by natural elements such as soil, rocks, and foliage, make for a perfect way to bring the beauty of the outdoors into your home. By using earthy tones, you can easily create a warm and inviting space reminiscent of the natural world.


Some colour combinations you can consider include:


  • Brown and Beige: This combination is a classic one, as it is inspired by the colours of the earth. It is perfect for creating a cushy living room or bedroom. Pairing light beige with darker brown accents can produce a modern yet cosy feel.

  • Terracotta and cream: Terracotta is a reddish-brown colour that is inspired by clay and pottery. When paired with cream or beige, it can generate a warm and rustic vibe perfect for a cosy living room or dining area. Adding natural wood accents can further enhance the earthy feel.

  • Green and white: Green is a colour that is strongly associated with nature and has a calming effect on people. By pairing it with white, you can create a fresh and airy atmosphere that is perfect for a kitchen or dining area. The addition of wood accents can amp up visual interest.


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4. Add a Water Feature to Enhance Visual Appeal and Promote Emotional Healing


Add A Water Feature To Enhance Visual Appeal and Promote Emotional Healing


Source: Foter Magazine


Adding a water feature to your home can have numerous benefits. Not only does it enhance the visual appeal of your home, but it also provides a natural habitat for the plants in your home, helps to promote relaxation, improve air quality, and lower ambient temperature. The sound of flowing water has a calming effect on people and can even improve cognitive function. The movement of water can also increase humidity levels to reduce airborne allergens, and water evaporation can create a cooling effect.


Here are a few water feature design ideas to consider:


  • Install a small wall fountain in your balcony and anchor it with potted plants to create your tiny outdoor sanctuary.

  • Decorate your home interior with water elements such as a fish bowl or an aquarium. These can be placed in various corners of your home including your entryway, bookshelf, and even along your walkways to add visual interest. You can even place a small indoor fountain on both sides of your TV console to create a feature and anchor your television. Then, decorate your TV console with small pots of cactus or flowers for a touch of colour.

  • Build a water garden, such as a koi pond, in your front yard. Plant trees or flowers around the sides to create a beautiful water feature.


5. Let in Natural Light to Create the Illusion of Space and Increase Connection to the Outside World


Let in Natural Light to Create the Illusion of Space and Increase Connection to the Outside World


Source: Forbes Homes


When you’re surrounded by natural light, it can make you feel more connected to the outdoors and to nature. So, if decorating your home with plants or elements of nature is too challenging, you can simply allow more sunlight to enter your home.


Here are some design tips for increasing the flow of natural light into your home:


  • Use light-coloured paint to maximize the reflection of natural light in your home. Brighter walls can also create an illusion of space to make your living area look bigger.

  • Choose window coverings that allow more light in. For example, light-filtering fabrics that diffuse sunlight and provide privacy but still allow natural light to penetrate the room.

  • If you live in a landed property, skylights are excellent ways to increase the amount of light flowing into your home; they are positioned to let in direct sunlight, allowing it to fully penetrate your home interior. This also helps to blur the boundaries between your indoor space and the outside to really connect you to nature.

  • Install mirrors in different areas of your small

    condo to enhance its design, reflect light, and create the illusion of more space. For example, installing a mirror wall opposite your window. 


Being close to nature does wonders to human health; not only does it help to calm the mind and improve mental health, but it also enhances cognitive function, boosts confidence and self-esteem, and even reduces risk of inflammation.


Going outdoors every day to spend some time in the garden can be challenging for many of us leading busy lives, but with these interior design ideas, you can bring nature back into your home to enjoy the same benefits. 


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