Small Space Decorating Mistakes You Should Avoid

Home Interior Design 13 Jul 2020


Decades have passed and the HDB flats in Singapore are getting smaller and smaller. For new homeowners, many would adopt a minimalist renovation for their homes without making it feel too cramped. It is definitely a good choice for small homes since it also keeps up with the recent design trends, and it can help make rooms appear bigger.



What is Minimalism?


“Simplicity at its finest” — this is what minimalism is all about. It’s how interior designers use monochromatic colour schemes and a few furniture pieces with clean, cut lines. Each piece complements each other; it’s as if their individual forms create an unspoken harmonious relationship. This is what makes small spaces appear inviting and comfortable to live in. It’s perfect for homeowners who have a hectic schedule because they get to relax in an uncluttered, cosy house.



Common Decorating Mistakes for Small HDB Flats


When you think about minimalism, the first idea that comes to your mind is to use as little furniture as possible. It won’t hurt to add a few decorations, but this is where most homeowners make a mistake. They get easily carried away by the design of the decorations and purchase them right away. Your flat is going to end up all cramped up if you did the same thing. Here are more of the common decorating mistakes and what are quick solutions on how to fix them:


1. Buying Thick, Heavy Curtains


Sure, thick curtains often have elegant and sophisticated patterns. Plus, it has a matching window valance that makes it more tempting to get. However, thick curtains can shrink a space.


Quick FixWouldn’t it be nice to live in a house with the sun gleaming through the curtains? You’ll feel a sudden mood boost every time you wake in the morning. Use sheer curtains instead to allow the natural light stream in. It’s better to have more light as this also makes the room appear more spacious. If you don’t like the idea of using sheer curtains because they offer little to no privacy, then you could add window coverings such as soft sheer shadings. This can block off the view from the outside while bringing an ample amount of light inside. As part of our interior design services in Singapore, our professional designers will recommend you on how to make your flat appear brighter.



2. Too Many Colours and Patterns


It’s fun to use wallpapers with intricate and peculiar patterns, however, these are not supposed to be installed all over the walls. If there are lots of colours, then there is no sense of balance at all; it’s too overwhelming! You’ll find it messy even though the furniture is arranged neatly.


Quick Fix: To better utilise a patterned wallpaper, create an accent wall. Here’s how to do it: choose which side of the wall should be used for the patterned wallpaper. It should also have a similar colour scheme as the other walls to make it look like it still belongs in the room.



3. Failing to Make Use of the Vertical Space


Avoid using too much base cabinets and shelves that take up too much floor space. Rooms with high ceilings look muddled up with all those floor obstructions. If there is enough vertical space, then utilise them.


Quick Fix: Get interior designers to add some wall cabinets that are almost near the ceiling to create a streamlined look. Another great idea is to put in some built-in shelves above the base cabinets to accentuate the available vertical space.


There are still a whole lot more tricks on how to design a small HDB flat. The ones that were mentioned above are just the basics so better consult a professional from an interior architecture firm in Singapore. This will definitely cost you, but remember, your house should be a place of solace for you to relax after a hard day at work!


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