Renovation Projects that Could Make Your Money Go to Waste

adm_oom HDB interior design 16 Apr 2020


When you think about home renovation you may have been believing that the money you spend improving your home will somehow magically return to you via a higher listing price when you sell. But it does not always work that way. Unfortunately, spending a lot of money on interior design renovation does not automatically mean your house will just ride the escalator up and be worth a lot more.


Home upgrades and renovation design ideas in Singapore come in different shapes and sizes. Converting an extra bedroom into a home office may be just as satisfying as installing motion sensor lights, but neither one adds significant value to your home. If you want to add real resale value to your home, do not waste your money doing these.


Here are some of the examples of home renovation that actually wastes your money.



Eradicating Walls


Open floor plans are all the rage and they can make an area look a lot larger. However, there are consequences to knocking down walls that homeowners do not often realise. Obviously, taking down a load-bearing wall is problematic. But even if the wall is not load-bearing, sometimes it is best that you should leave it alone and stop considering an open floor plan as a good renovation design idea for your home.


The structure of the house was designed with that wall in place for a reason. Over time, the absent wall will have an effect on the structural integrity of your home, and this includes sagging external walls and a weakened foundation.



Creating More Windows


Natural light is a very appealing quality in a home’s interior design. However, if your home does not have a window or other type of opening, it is best to not put one in. Trusted interior designers in Singapore would tell you that creating an opening like a window or door that was not originally built into the building’s exterior can cause a range of new issues, just like eradicating your walls. These problems include loss of energy efficiency and increasing your chances of developing leaks.



Installing a New Roof Over an Existing Layer


Because a new roof might be expensive for a full-blown home renovation, you may be tempted to do the bare minimum. But this strategy might come back to haunt you and your home interior design partner in Singapore. If you are dealing with mould-like growth or a leaking roof, this means it is time to replace the roof. People often tried to save time on roof renovations by installing new layers over an existing layer of shingles. In the short term, this seems like a time-efficient and cost-effective choice. But when you layer your roof, it could and would lead to major problems in the future.


If you do not remove the original layer of shingles on your roof, you would not be able to see what problems may exist underneath, like soft spots on wood or separation, this defeats the purpose of renovation.  Also, you cannot replace or install flashing, pipe collars, and drip edges which are components essential for keeping out rain and snow by serving as transitions at roof-wall intersections, chimneys and around pipes and vents.



Big Kitchen Renovations


Any type of kitchen renovation is likely to be expensive, complicated and long. A major kitchen renovation multiplies all of these factors. But what is your rationale for a major renovation? Think about the intention of the kitchen. For example, is cooking a big hobby of yours? Will the kitchen be primarily used for entertaining?


It would help you if you stop to objectively evaluate how the kitchen will be used. If your main purpose for the renovation is to increase resale value, remember that a major kitchen renovation does not increase curb appeal, which is the first factor that home buyers consider when they are beginning the process. Keep in mind that what you think will be an ideal interior design  would not necessarily be ideal for a potential buyer.



Prioritizing Aesthetic Over Value


It is natural for homeowners to want to feel a sense of pride regarding their homes. But oftentimes, homeowners fall into the trap of renovating their interior design for aesthetics. They neglect to address the less aesthetic renovation projects that are essential to the structure and quality of the building. It may be more fun to renovate the master bedroom or add a sunroom. Keep in mind that value lies in fundamental renovations like siding replacement and roof repair. Especially now that savvy buyers do not focus simply on aesthetic features.


Even though the curb appeal of interior design is important to buyers, it is also possible to go overboard in this area. Keep in mind that the more expensive your renovation, the more likely you’re doing it to please your own personal tastes, instead of potential buyers.



Do not renovate by removing parts of your home that are necessary


Some parts of your home were essentially there to support the structure of your house. It is a big waste of money if you go for a renovation design idea that neglects your own property. Keep in mind that you are renovating your home not just to increase your resale value but also to maintain the wellness of your house.


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