Pantone Colour of The Year 2021: Styling Your Home With Ultimate Gray

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Colours are important design elements; they are a powerful communication tool that can be used to signal action, influence physiological reactions, affect the mood of a space, as well as human emotions. 


Colours also hold a significant role in interior design. Every hint of colour added to a space can have a great impact on the overall appearance of a home. For example, using neutral colour palettes in a Scandinavian interior design creates a calm and soothing atmosphere. However, when just a touch of red is used as an accent colour somewhere within the design, its fiery hue could elicit feelings of excitement, passion and urgency. 


To help you design a home most comfortable for you and your family, we share with you styling tips on how to incorporate one of the Pantone colours of 2021 – Ultimate grey, in various parts of your home. 


Pantone Colour Of The Year 2021 – Ultimate Grey


There are two Pantone colours of the year in 2021, namely Ultimate Grey and Illuminating. The latter being a vibrant yellow colour.


Ultimate Grey is a soft and neutral colour similar to that of a natural rock. According to Pantone, Ultimate Grey embodies the solid and everlasting elements of pebbles on the beach, “whose weathered appearance highlights an ability to stand the test of time.” It provides feelings of assurance, composure, steadiness and resilience; fitting of what’s going on in the world right now. 


In colour psychology, grey represents neutrality and balance. While it is a colour that also represents sadness and dullness, it can create a relaxing atmosphere when paired with the right colours and used in the right way.


Incorporating Ultimate Grey in homes


Ultimate Grey may appear to be a colour that is unsuitable for many home interiors, but it is actually a colour that is frequently used in styles such as Industrial, Modern, Minimalist, and Scandinavian interior designs. While other design styles sporting bold, vibrant colours may require a lot more thoughtful consideration when incorporating Ultimate Grey, you can easily incorporate this colour into the styles mentioned above.


1. Use On Feature Walls


Ultimate Grey is perfect for creating beautiful backdrops in your home. Its charm and appeal lie in its ability to create dynamic-looking spaces while remaining neutral and easy to the eye. 


For a comfortable backdrop that does not distract you from the show you’re watching, paint your television feature wall in a light shade of grey and match it with furniture of neutral colours; such as white. Grey can also be painted in your bedroom – on the wall you usually face while lying in bed, for a calming effect that helps you drift off to sleep. 


2. Minimalistic Grey Furniture


Scandinavian interior designs


Maybe instead of grey walls, you prefer having white walls for a brighter and bigger looking space, consider getting yourself pieces of furniture in grey colours to give your living room a touch of modernity. 


Unlike white furniture, which can make a space look cold and flat, grey minimalist furniture not only provides a clean and sleek look to your home but also makes your space look cosy. Minimalist furniture are pieces that feature clean, sleek lines and minimal design elements. Generally a simple and functional piece.


3. Layer Different Shades Of Grey


If you’re a big fan of grey colours, you can choose to have your entire house styled in grey. However, using only one shade of grey can make your room feel flat and dull. To avoid this, layer varying shades of grey on top of one another. For example, paint your walls in the lightest shade of grey, but your doors frames and windows in a slightly darker shade. Purchase dark grey furniture, and place light grey cushions on them. 


There are so many shades of grey available in the market, work together with an interior designer from a reliable firm in Singapore to put together a palette that resonates best with you.


4. Grey Textiles


We’ve all seen designers incorporate grey blankets or curtains into Scandinavian interior designs and noticed how they transform a space into a cosy home. If you prefer a more colourful home but wish to incorporate greys into it, try adding grey-coloured textiles to different parts of your home. You could even opt for furnishings such as a giant bean bag, 4 small couch cushions, or a grey carpet. 


Mix up your grey textiles with black and white patterns, or throw in some natural materials such as rattan and house plants for a trendy living space. 


5. Mix Greys With Interesting Colours


Good design firm in Singapore


Perhaps grey doesn’t quite tickle your fancy and you prefer to have vibrant colours in your home to keep you feeling your happiest, consider working with an interior designer from a good design firm in Singapore to create a mood board of your favourite colours and textures. Share with your interior designer some of the colours you hope to include, and the overall vibe you hope to achieve. They should be able to work out an interesting design for you.


Grey is a highly versatile colour that complements almost every other colour and pattern. Fancy a little yellow? Try adding a splash of mustard into the design. Prefer coastal interior design styles? Then mix grey elements with cool blue tones for a breezy interior. The possibilities are endless.


The softness of grey makes it ideal for home interiors because of the cosiness it brings, not only does it make you feel at home, but it also exudes a sense of elegance no matter how it is used. Wish to discover better ways to include grey in your home interior? Speak with someone from reliable interior designer firms in Singapore for an expert opinion.