Interior design singapore | Monochrome – The all time classic

Interior Design Ideas 19 Feb 2018

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Monochrome – The all time classic

Black and white are two contrasts that are mysterious, elegant yet beautiful when aptly combined. Monochrome is a great way to adapt into minimalist interior design concepts and add a simplistic yet classy look to your home.


Although the general perception is that monochrome adds a formal look to your house, it can be fun too. You could use animal prints and glossy shades of black that would never go out of fashion. We’ve listed down the reasons why we think monochrome is a great way to get started with your interiors.



It’s an absolute Classic


Black and white has over 50 shades each and is an absolute classic. This timelessness of monochrome interior design ensures that you don’t have to keep renovating your place. In short, it’s a one-time investment that you make. There is nothing more powerful than black or subtler than white and a combination of the two is an absolute classic.



Ideal for a Home-office


It’s common to have a home office these days and if you plan to have one in future, then this decor helps. There is nothing more formal and classier than these two colours. That is why monochrome is often opted by most professionals and intellectuals. However, with the changing trends, even the fashion divas can’t let go of the all-time favourite combination.



Makes your place look more spacious


White walls have always been a favourite among interior design firm Singapore because these are known to make the compact condos look more spacious. The sunshine also makes these white walls brighter during the day, making the house look brighter.



Adds a mysterious tinge to your house


Black and white may remind you of twilight and the mysterious yet elegant vampires in it, and their world where everything is black and white. While black is powerful, white is pristine and when these two merge, it’s a mysterious combination and that is definitely an interesting interior design concepts Singapore adapts.



You don’t need to redo it


Imagine using the latest printed tiles and then in a couple of years these go out of fashion and you end-up looking outdated. Also changing your interiors often through any interior design firm Singapore is not inexpensive. Now if considering all this you have thought of finding a one-time fashionable solution for your interiors, then monochrome is the answer to that.


While you get started with planning your interiors, we suggest that you engage an experienced interior design firm Singapore that’s specialized in monochrome interiors. A good interior designer will take you through the shades of black and white which you never knew exists.