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December 27, 2017
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Get the Cutting Edge Finesse of an Industry Design


Industry Design is one of the most talked about trend in the world of interior design singapore. It is considered to be a very appealing ‘raw’ look that greatly enhances a space. Don’t let the name confuse you, an Industry Design is as great for homes as it is for offices or commercial spaces. Our Interior design concepts, Singapore team has offered consultation and helped many clients achieve this raw and stunning look for their homes and other spaces too.

An industry look is best suited for spaces that have slightly high ceilings and an extensive floor plan, but our experts can bring in the finesse of industry interior design singapore to almost all spaces. So what is an industry design and what characteristics do our interior design ideas, Singapore team bring in with this?


Firstly, and most importantly, an industry design is all about ‘being exposed’. Unlike common designs where the design concepts hide and create a look, an industry design exposes the look. The beams, the walls and the floors are exposed, while creating a balance between the exposed and unexposed. Using industrial pipes or raw material to create a very raw look is thus one of the defining characters.


Secondly, our innovative home design ideas, Singapore services believe that this an industry look is probably the most natural of all. Natural wood finishing and natural metal finishes are thus a very important aspect of the industry design look. You get to see a lot of objects in a very natural state. Some people prefer to call it unfinished or raw but we believe it’s beautifully natural.


The main idea is to use understated colors and tones that are enhanced with lighting and just a bit of bright colors! It creates a very quirky yet stylish look that combines a ‘DIY’ kind of appearance that is definitely the most raging trend today.


Any space is all about enhancing the owners personal character. If you are someone who likes it all to be natural and raw, quirky and make a statement then the industry design is perfect for you. Our team of experts and our professional interior design concepts, Singapore can help you achieve this beautiful and trendy look. We pay attention to detail and work according to individual needs. Your space deserves to be the best, and we believe in offering only the very best!

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