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Interior Design 02 Jan 2018


5 Popular Themes in Interior Design Singapore

People in Singapore are very much fond of high living with exorbitance and comfort. Hence, if you own a house (small or big), you would definitely want it to look admirable and exquisite. In today’s world, interior design is not only about the wall colors and furniture’s. There is much more in interior designing that includes utilizing each and every space of the house and making it presentable and comfortable as per the house owner’s taste. Below are few of the best interiors designing concepts trending in renovation Singapore;



1.     Scandinavian interior design:

This design provides simplicity as well as sophistication at the same time. This style is more in demand. It’s an ideal style for small-spaced homes, which lets more light come in making the room look more bright and lively. The interiors used in this style are usually lighter in color – white walls, wooden flooring etc are part of this theme. Scandinavian design provides you a perfect blend of style and comfort with simplicity, making your dwelling more livable and lovable.



2. Minimalist interior design:

Minimalist interior design is all about less furniture and more space, so that the interior looks clean and well organized all the time. Unlike Scandinavian this too has a theme of simplicity, however minimalist is more about focusing on the interior color, texture and shape. This type of design is popular among those who are particular and strict about organizing things in an orderly manner.



3. Modern interior design:

This style is highly influenced by the use of modern art in interior designing. The trends of this design have remained unchanged since many decades. Modern designing is all about using perfect geometrical shaped furnitures and items with smooth edges. This design is popular among those who like smoothness, cleanliness and an artistic touch to their space.



4. Contemporary interior design:

If you are one of those who like to go on with the current styles and trends, then this form of style best suites your taste. This is an ideal example of modern style designing that includes the use of bold and bright colors, high ceilings, sharp geometric shaped furnitures that are uncluttered to give a bold look to your place. This style of design complements to all types of homes, offices, stores, etc.



5. Eclectic interior design:

Eclectic style is basically a blend of styles from different culture, era and traditions. It involves bringing them all together to give you the most beautiful and comfortable interior. The unique aspect of eclectic style is that though it has many things mixed together, still it remains a single masterpiece.


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