Interior design | 5 Hacks To Save Some Of That Cleaning Time

adm_oom HDB interior design 08 Feb 2018


5 Hacks To Save Some Of That Cleaning Time

We totally understand how frustrating it could get returning from work and spending hours cleaning up your house. The last thing you’d want to do is spend hours cleaning up only to find it dusty and dirty the next day. This could get worse if you are a stickler to cleanliness and can’t stand the sight of dust anywhere in your house. However, there are ways to plan up a few things that could drastically reduce your cleaning time.



Avoid cluttering-up


Minimalist interior design is the new trend, so it doesn’t matter how many showpieces you have, that’s no longer fashionable. You can tuck away all that clutter and keep minimal stuff in your house with a limited colour combination. Minimalist interior design concepts are simple and elegant concepts that make the house look spacious, neat and tidy.



Pick darker shades


Lighter shades of sofas and curtains such as off white and cream look great but the interior design firm Singapore that suggested it does not clean it up for you. Always remember to make changes that are going to be easy for you to maintain. When it comes to darker shades, you do not require frequent cleaning or washing as these do not get dirtied easily.



Avoid open shelves


Dusting your cabinets and open shelves everyday can be quite a task. A good way to handle that is to simply not have them, or if you already have them, you could get those removed. However, if that is not possible, you could minimize the articles placed on these open shelves and consider minimalist interior design concepts to make your place look bigger and better.



Go in for minimalist interior design


Less is more, and that is what minimalist interior design is all about. With minimum furniture, you can make your place look a lot better and tidier. Also, with minimum furniture you would require very little of your time to clean. You can also consider minimalist interior design concepts such as in-built shelves that require very little cleaning time depending on the design that you choose.



Pick the right material


When you do any renovation Singapore we recommend that you pick the right material for the right article. You need to be sure that the sofa, furniture or even the flooring that you get is going to be easy to clean and lesser time consuming. A leather sofa is definitely much easier to clean as compared to one that’s made of velvet or cloth like material.