Importance of Interior Design in Food Establishments and what to Factor in

Commercial Interior Design 21 Apr 2022

Importance of Interior Design in Food Establishments and what to Factor in


Commercial interior design plays an important role because every design element can influence a customer’s shopping, working, or dining experience with a business. The food and beverage industry is one that is heavily influenced by interior design. However, many establishments don’t realise that the interior design of their restaurant can determine the success of their business.



Importance of Interior Design in Restaurants


Effective commercial interior design is a key aspect of any business’s marketing strategy. Customers notice the interior of your restaurant first, and it is critical to your branding. This first impression you give them will determine how your customers perceive you, the level of service they expect, and whether they want to return.


A well-designed interior can create a complete and enjoyable dining experience, whereas a poorly designed space will deter your customers from returning. An aesthetically pleasing environment can also help your customers enjoy your food more and even act as a silent salesman when they post photos on social media. Most importantly, by using the right commercial interior design, you can influence customer psychology and encourage them to do things like order more or eat faster.



Designing your Restaurant


1. Amount of space you need

Commercial Interior Design in Singapore Amount of space you need


There are many parts to a restaurant, such as a kitchen, bar counter, cashier, and dining area, and proper space planning must be done to ensure that all the sections required for proper operation are included. Before you jump into design conceptualisation, you must first decide what types of areas you want to create, how much space you need for each section, and where each section will be located in the space. If you don’t know how to map out the layout of your restaurant space, a commercial interior design company can help you draft one and do the space planning for you. Simply communicate your ideas to the designer. 


2. A concept

Commercial Interior Design in Singapore concept


Imagine having Italian food at a restaurant with a Chinese-style interior design, that’s just going to be weird. Depending on the cuisine you’re selling, the goals you have for the restaurant, and the experience you want your customers to have in your restaurant, consider the concept and interior design you want to create. For example, a cosy Italian restaurant with design elements reminiscent of one’s childhood in Italy. With this in mind, you can easily communicate your ideas to a commercial interior design company and have them assist you in creating the ideal space. 


3. Colour choices

Commercial Interior Design in Singapore Colour choices


In marketing and interior design, colour psychology is used to influence people’s emotions and motivate them to take action. The colour you choose for your restaurant’s interior design can either whet one’s appetite or make one want to eat less. However, choosing the right colour isn’t easy. Some simple solutions are to use your brand’s colour or leave it to the professionals at a commercial interior design company. A good rule of thumb is to avoid blues and purple because they’re unappetising colours and they don’t contribute positively to influencing your customers’ appetites.


4. Lighting

Commercial Interior Design in Singapore Lighting


Lighting can have a significant impact on your customers. Natural lighting is always the safest way of incorporating light. However, if you want to create a different atmosphere in your restaurant, you will need to integrate other light fixtures and colours as well. Warm whites and warm colours, for example, create a sense of intimacy, which can contribute to a more comforting dining experience.


5. Furniture arrangement

Commercial Interior Design in Singapore Furniture arrangement


You want to ensure that diners are always comfortable in your restaurant, so the space and layout of your restaurant should reflect that. Tables should not be placed too close together so that your guests can enjoy their meals without feeling too close to strangers. If you have speakers in the restaurant, don’t put anyone too close to them because it will make it difficult for them to converse during the meal.


The perfect restaurant interior design requires a great deal of science, art, and interior design knowledge. One cannot simply put together the most conducive dining environment unless they have a thorough understanding of how various design elements affect their customers. This is why it is important to engage interior designers for the job.


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