How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Kitchen?

adm_oom HDB interior design 06 Apr 2020


How much does it cost to renovate a kitchen in Singapore? This is a common question that many homeowners who are considering to redo their home want to know.


Whether you are building an entirely new kitchen, refurbishing your existing kitchen or just updating minor details, and whether you have an interior designer or a company in Singapore to help you out, you are making a wise decision. Because the kitchen is one area in your home that can grant you a higher return on investment as it increases your home’s resale value.


The truth is that there is no actual standard cost for a kitchen renovation, however, many factors will affect the cost of your kitchen renovation such as your preferences and needs.


Here are five factors that will affect the cost of your renovation based on what you have and what you want.





Your residence


Is your place a Housing Development Boards flat, condo, or a traditional family house?


The kitchen renovation cost of condo units, Housing Development Boards or HDB units and executive apartments differ to a large extent. This means that the cost of renovating a kitchen in a condo unit is different from that of an HDB unit. It will cost you more to renovate your condo unit kitchen as compared to renovating an HDB unit. Your renovation design costs will vary depending on the type of residential house you got and for how long have you been residing in this certain place.



Your kitchen space


The space to be renovated will also be determining the cost. Since the factors differentiate depending on the type of space to be renovated, the cost of renovation will also vary.


For instance, if your kitchen has a large space, you will have to hire more staff, more kitchen equipment and also more labour time. This means that you will have to dig deeper into your pocket to have your kitchen remodeled after your desired renovation design ideas in Singapore. On the other hand, if your kitchen has less space, you will need fewer workers, less equipment and it will also take a short period to complete the renovation process. This means that the renovation process will cost less money.



Your budget


The renovation design of your kitchen can be also considered as a commitment that needs careful and advanced planning, that makes your budget one key factor of how much you would be spending in doing so, one miscalculation can lead to more expenses.


Hence, before anything else, it is wise to your go-to interior designers to consult them for quotations, catalogues, and the possible cost breakdown of the project. Also, do keep in mind that 20-35% of your budget will go to labour fees







Having expensive material used to renovate your kitchen will increase your renovation expense. The types of material used in renovation affect the cost of renovation profoundly. For instance, if you want to use unique, rare and expensive materials to renovate your kitchen, you should be well prepared to pay for the prize. There are materials which are cheap and affordable but they are of good quality.



The renovation services


The contractor you choose to do your kitchen renovation will largely impact on your renovation cost. If you choose a well experienced and established contractor, you will pay him/her more for the service.


By going for a well-experienced contractor and recommended interior designers in Singapore, they will maximise on the few resources available without wasting any material. An experienced contractor and good interior designer will only tell you to purchase things that he/she is sure will be used for renovation.


They would also be responsible to find the best place to purchase renovation materials and they would also consume less time to complete the renovation process. Making the expense for materials and labour lower, making your renovation and designer company also a factor for your kitchen renovation costs.



The answer to the question of how much actually depends on you


The cost of renovating a house in Singapore largely depends on your involvement, the space of your kitchen, the materials used and the contractor you choose. If all these factors are well-considered, your renovation costs will be surprisingly less.


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