Home Interior Design Singapore: What Is The Urban Bohemian Style?

adm_oom HDB interior design 27 Oct 2021

Urban Bohemian Style Interior Design


Are you someone who enjoys hopping around aesthetically pleasing and Insta-worthy cafés for brunch or just to snap a few photos? Well, then you’ve probably noticed a bunch of urban bohemian style cafés popping up all over Singapore


If you’re familiar with the bohemian style of home interior design, you’ll know that it involves a careful mix of colours, vintage pieces, bold items and natural elements. The urban bohemian style, on the other hand, can be thought of as an updated version of it and a significantly modern approach to the bohemian style. It takes on some of the distinct elements of the bohemian style, namely the natural materials, mix of textures, and nature. 


Much like the rustic interior style, the urban bohemian home interior design style has a very warm and cosy appeal that can make you feel comforted almost immediately. 


A modern approach on top of an eclectic mix of colours and textiles? This may sound like a bit of a hodgepodge of things that shouldn’t go together, but you will be surprised. Hear from some of the top interior designers in Singapore on what constitutes the urban bohemian interior design style and how to make it work in your home. 


1. Subdued Furnishings

Bohemian interiors are characterised by an eclectic style of decorating and a mix of bold textures. To achieve the urban version of this interior design, play the textures and eclectic furnishings down by pairing subdued furnishings with pieces of furniture with a more neutral appearance. 


You can look for contemporary pieces with a touch of boho elements, such as vintage designs, or single out bohemian style furnishings that appear less striking than the rest. 


As the urban bohemian style embraces modern and contemporary designs, our top interior designers recommend combining bohemian furniture and contemporary pieces to get the best of both worlds. Think modern brown leather sofas paired with bohemian style furnishings like macramé. 


Urban Bohemian Style Living Room Interior Design


2. Tight Colour Palette

One of the main features of the bohemian style is the use of a predominantly vibrant colour palette, which transforms dull spaces into warm and lively homes. If this doesn’t quite tickle your fancy, then tighten your colour palette and tone the colours down to more neutral tones that will suit you better.


Urban Bohemian Interior Design


The most suitable colours include those most associated with nature such as green, brown and cream. Warm colours are generally preferred, but you can balance out the warmth with some cool grey and white tones. 

Not picky with your colours but not sure how to pair them for your home interior design? You can always turn to a reliable interior designer in Singapore to help you create a colour palette you can follow.


3. Incorporating Nature

 incorporating nature in home interior design


Lastly, bringing the outdoors inside is the key to nailing the perfect urban bohemian home. Through the use of lush potted plants or even mini house plants, create your own urban jungle inside and let the greenery fill your home with a serene and calming atmosphere. 


Other ways you can incorporate nature into your home interior design is through the abundant use of natural wood such as rattan or wooden furniture, rustic arrangements of freshly picked wildflowers, and comfy fibre furniture. 


Tie all these elements together with a few patterned textiles set against a neutral backdrop, and there you have it, your own urban bohemian home to retreat to every day. 


The urban bohemian interior design style is truly a stunner, one that will constantly perk you up while keeping you cosy and warm. If we were successful in transforming you into an urban bohemian style enthusiast, it is now time to transform your home into an urban bohemian one.

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