Home Improvements that Can Increase Your Home’s Value

adm_oom HDB interior design 12 Mar 2020


House pricing or house value is something that continuously surging every year in a growing economy like Singapore’s. During this reason, you may even be having the thoughts of selling your home. You could sell it for greater value and pocket the difference and then move somewhere cheaper with a lower cost of living.


Regardless of your home’s sentimental value, you can always improve it by increasing your home’s utility, aesthetic, and durability. Home improvement projects are always worth considering to increase the value of your home should you wish to establish equity or sell it for a higher value in the future.


Here are some tips from top interior designers in Singapore that can help increase your home’s value.


1. Kitchen is King


Most buyers are focused on the kitchen, and it holds a grave swaying influence over first-time homeowners. A modern and updated kitchen still is one of the most important factors for buyers, so if you plan to sell, maximise everything that you can improve with your kitchen.


Kitchens can even give you one of the biggest return of investment. You can start by replacing old appliances with matching new ones. Replace old cabinets and cupboards, and even the simplest updates, like a backsplash or new appliances, can be a valuable place to put your money in.


2. Landscape Love


The landscape is the best, easiest, and most affordable upgrade that you can do to increase your home value. Lush trees, blooming flowers and plants, and neatly trimmed lawns give a house a certain appeal to the buyers. Make your home more desirable by maximising your front lawns. Exterior landscape can make the most impact to potential buyers.


You can achieve this by also installing a front walkway with stone planters, shrubs and mulching. A modern and newer patio can also add to your home’s value, making your property even more appealing.


3. A Smarter Home


In the advent of technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), you would be making a wise decision if you invest in smart technology on your home. Adding smart technology can increase your home’s value quickly, without the expense of renovation.


Through smart upgrades, you can control with your home’s thermostat, lighting, keypad door locks, fire detectors, and security cameras with a click of a button (and sometimes from your phone). If all other homes are similarly the same with its features, a smart enhancement of your home can surely make you stand out.


4. Create More Room


By modifying the floor plan and adding square footage, you will be giving your presumable buyers more space to live in. Bigger homes usually mean higher values and this is one common selling point. Since many people are after the bigger space and rarely consider properties that lack space.


You can focus on creating additional space by contacting your favoured reliable interior designer in Singapore and reconsidering your floor plan, or finishing a basement, building a deck, and or converting an attic to another room.


Wading Through the Fine Line


If you are uncertain where to begin or where to invest first, know which purpose are the home upgrades would be serving, is it for your own equity or the purpose of selling your house? Or probably both. All in all, it is going to be a win-win situation since increasing your home value would benefit you as a homeowner today and a home seller tomorrow.


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