Create A Hygienic And Hypoallergenic Home With These Materials

adm_oom Interior Design Ideas 06 Jan 2022

Create A Hygienic And Hypoallergenic Home With These Materials


Allergens can be found everywhere, even in our own homes after a thorough cleaning. Dust, dirt and allergens can float into your home, dirtying surfaces and easily accumulating in places you never thought they would. Some of these areas include your walls, flooring, furniture, and even your kitchen countertop. 


Simply vacuuming and mopping your floors isn’t enough to keep your home hygienic, especially if you have family members prone to allergic reactions. This is why it is important to build a hypoallergenic home to keep your loved ones safe. Here are some materials that can help you achieve a beautiful home without compromising safety. 


1. Vinyl

Vinyl Flooring for Home Interior Design


Vinyl is a popular material in Singapore due to its low cost and a broad selection of designs that cater to a variety of home interior designs. It is a non-porous synthetic flooring material that prevents allergens from becoming trapped within it, keeping it clean and safe for your family. Furthermore, it is easy to install, easy to clean and maintain, and even comfortable to walk on.


2. Tiles

Tiles complementing a Home Interior Design


Tiles are usually made of ceramic. They boast non-porous, hard, and slick surfaces that do not trap dust and other allergens, making them easy to clean and hypoallergenic. Not only are they durable, water-resistant and abrasion-resistant, but they also come in a variety of designs that will complement any home interior design.


3. Solid Hardwood

Hardwood has been a popular flooring material for centuries. They are long-lasting and timeless, making them suitable for any home interior design. Hardwood is also one of the most allergy-friendly options on the market because it is a natural material that contains no chemicals. However, due to their porous nature, they must be regularly finished with a sealant even after interior renovations to prevent allergens from becoming trapped. You will also have to ensure that the sealant used contains no volatile organic compounds that are detrimental to human health. 


Kitchen Countertop
1. Terrazzo

Terrazzo Interior Design


Terrazzo is an eco-friendly material often made from resin and recycled materials. It is a popular material today because of its colourful appearance capable of beautifying any home interior design. Also, because it is a manmade material, its density makes it a durable, strong and non-porous material safe for use in a hypoallergenic home. 


2. Sintered Stone

intered Stone for Home Interior Design


One of the strongest materials on the market, sintered stone is an excellent kitchen countertop material with exceptional strength and durability. It is made from natural materials and put through a process known as sintering to create a material that is stain-resistant, chip-resistant, waterproof, scratch-resistant, heat-resistant, hypoallergenic and even food safe. 


Sintered stone can even be printed with numerous designs to cater to different home interiors. 


3. Solid Surface

Solid Surface Countertops for Kitchen Interior Designs


Solid surface countertops are made of polymer resins, minerals and colourants, but they are long-lasting, non-toxic and sanitary. This material is non-porous and stain-resistant in general, making it easy to clean and ideal for households with people sensitive to allergens. 


4. Engineered Quartz

Engineered Quartz Suitable for Any Home Interior Design


Engineered quartz is a non-porous, safe and easy-to-maintain man made material composed primarily of natural materials. It comes in a wide range of colours and patterns, making it suitable for any home interior design. Some of them even have the appearance of granite or marble, making them an excellent choice for families looking to create a modern luxury interior. 


There are plenty of materials for you to explore when you’re doing interior renovations. Each of these materials possesses its own unique properties that make it suitable for people sensitive to pollutants and allergens. They also come in a variety of designs, allowing you to design hypoallergenic homes without sacrificing aesthetics. 


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