First founded in 2010, Fineline Design has been one of the most recommended interior designers in Singapore, offering Scandinavian interior design along with other minimalist designs. With years of experience and successful projects under its belt, Fineline Design has been successful because of its determined focus on providing the best professional services to customers.


Fineline Design Pte Ltd is dedicated to protecting the integrity of its clients’ personal details and agrees not to disclose any of them to any third party. With the best interior designers in Singapore on their team, consumers’ privacy can be protected, with information collected solely for the purpose of completing services and transactions.

We specialised in providing minimalist renovation and Scandinavian interior design in Singapore. Our masterpieces seek to create as much space as possible even for small condo designs and slim workplaces. We believe that in this fast and ever-busy world, we are living in, having room to breathe is a good way to rid of stress and fatigue. Thus, we recommend the beauty of less is more through Scandinavian interior design in Singapore.

Do you believe in the same principle? Do you have what it takes to improve the living conditions of other people through interior design? If yes is your answer, then we gladly welcome you to our team. Join us now!



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