How to Create a Bedroom Your Kids Will Grow With
Your child would soon become a grown-up teen in a blink of an eye. So, cherish his childhood years because it would be the most memorable ones. While growing up, his character will slowly shape during his early years, and you would definitely want him to grow up in an environment where he could freely […]
Small Space Decorating Mistakes You Should Avoid
Decades have passed and the HDB flats in Singapore are getting smaller and smaller. For new homeowners, many would adopt a minimalist renovation for their homes without making it feel too cramped. It is definitely a good choice for small homes since it also keeps up with the recent design trends, and it can help […]
Home Safe Home: How to Child-Proof Your Bedroom
Standing among gigantic piles of freshly delivered moving boxes, you somehow manage to gather your thoughts and begin to form some sort of an unpacking strategy for the next few days, and then hopefully proceed to do your renovation design ideas for your house in Singapore. So, in order to make each unpacking hour count, […]
6 Tips On Rearranging Your Furniture By Yourself
During this lockdown period, one may think of many ways as to how to be productive, and one way is to rearrange your furniture by yourself. Your home is an external expression of your internal self and making your home interior reflect that is a comforting and creative experience. No matter if your living room […]
6 Mini-Renovation Projects You Could Do to Be Productive
Tackling home improvement projects and renovation design ideas in Singapore during the Covid-19 quarantine presents a particular challenge. While you may have an abundance of time at home to complete them, you might not have all of the necessary supplies and tools on hand. And you will definitely want to avoid anything too dangerous that […]
DIY Home Renovation Projects that Will Cost You More than Hiring a Professional
During this lockdown period, are you having renovation design ideas for your home in Singapore? Maybe you want to update your bathroom, refurbish your floor or finish out a spare room? As enthusiastic as you are right now, do not forget that it is also important to think about the steps required to plan, execute […]
Renovation Projects that Could Make Your Money Go to Waste
April 16, 2020
When you think about home renovation you may have been believing that the money you spend improving your home will somehow magically return to you via a higher listing price when you sell. But it does not always work that way. Unfortunately, spending a lot of money on interior design renovation does not automatically mean […]
How Much Does It Cost to Renovate a Kitchen?
How much does it cost to renovate a kitchen in Singapore? This is a common question that many homeowners who are considering to redo their home want to know. Whether you are building an entirely new kitchen, refurbishing your existing kitchen or just updating minor details, and whether you have an interior designer or a […]
Home Improvements that Can Increase Your Home’s Value
March 12, 2020
House pricing or house value is something that continuously surging every year in a growing economy like Singapore’s. During this reason, you may even be having the thoughts of selling your home. You could sell it for greater value and pocket the difference and then move somewhere cheaper with a lower cost of living. Regardless […]
How to Stage Your Home for Selling
March 10, 2020
You’ve decided to sell your home. But looking around your living room and kitchen, you’re not quite sure how to get from comfortable clutter to the camera-ready chic you see in competing homes. Rest assured that you’re far from the only homeowner who doesn’t live every day like they’re in a model home, but you […]

Dear homeowners,⠀

As most of you guys know, we are having our Annual Lucky Draw event which consists of giving away $38,888 cash and a pair of air tickets to Europe for FREE from now till 22nd September 2020! 🥳⠀

However due to the Covid-19 situation which has caused renovation process to be delayed for 3-4 months, we will be extending our Annual Lucky Draw date to another 6 months so that homeowners who initially postponed their plans will be able to have a chance to take part in our biggest draw. 😇 Hence, the revised cut off date for the lucky draw will be on the 22nd March 2021. ⠀