5 Tips For Choosing The Right Colours For Your Home Interior

Home Interior Design 12 May 2022

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Colour can quickly transform a plain room into a striking space, with the ability to turn one room into a lively gathering area, and another into a relaxing one for curling up with a book. But selecting the right palette for the interior design of your house can be a challenge, as many of us are afraid of using colour, and really struggle when it comes to choosing the right shade. Fineline is a team of experienced and reliable interior designers in Singapore, and we’ve put together these tips to help you with creating the perfect home interior you desire.


Incorporate dark neural colours


Some may think of beige or white as the only option for neutral hues, but the truth is that there’s actually an abundance of other neutral colours from which to choose. A common misconception is to think that having dark, neutral colours in a home means gloomy, small, or heavy. But these colours can, in actual fact, add a little more “umph” to your living space through layering, or even on its own. Introduce warm decorative elements to balance out the look, such as in your choice of dining table and chairs, and accessories in the living room.


Different colours for different functions


Whether you’re just moving in or looking to make a small change in the interior design of your home, choosing the right colour scheme is essential, especially when you want different rooms to provoke different moods. Consider how the colour affects the space and mood of your room; cooler colours should make you feel calm and relaxed, thus are often used to create a relaxed mood and bring calm to a space. Warm colours on the other hand, tend to be more vibrant and tend to inspire confidence. These colours work well in spaces where dining and entertaining are done as they are inviting and promote intimacy.


Test the colours before deciding


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Choosing a colour from only a swatch is a common mistake as the scale and light present will have an effect on its overall appearance. Use the swatches as a starting point, but once you’ve chosen your favourite colour tones, test out the colour by actually painting swatches on a testing board, or directly on your home by buying small pots of the colour to make larger samples that you can place under different light conditions.


Gain inspiration from art or other home decor sources


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Find inspiration from magazines, social media sites, and interior design blogs for colour inspiration. It may also be helpful to have a mood board created to ensure your colour palette is coherent with the rest of your interior design. Art can also act as a framework for a room. It is a guide to position pieces of furniture to make the most of the room. When chosen well, artwork can transform any room and add on the touches for a finished look.


Start with your base colour and work upwards


When compiling your colour palette, it’s useful to begin at the bottom first and think about your flooring. Your floor will influence your colour choices dramatically, and in turn impact how you use textures, tones, accents and even artwork. Once that has been decided, move to the top. While the traditional white ceiling is really popular, there are ultimately no hard and fast rules when it comes to ceiling colour. A non-white ceiling can at once draw the eye up, but a darker toned ceiling can also make a room feel more enclosed. One tip is to always use a matte finish when painting ceilings, as gloss paint shows up small imperfections so it’s almost impossible to get a seamless look.


There is ultimately no foolproof method when it comes to picking the right colours for your home’s interior, but the whole idea is to have fun while seeing your dream home slowly coming together. Here at Fineline Design, we have a team of reliable interior designers in Singapore that you can consult if you’re looking to do up your home, or are generally looking for more advice. Reach out to us today!