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With its decade long experience in interior design and project management, Fineline Design is inspired and motivated to provide our Customers with comprehensive turnkey solutions for interior fit-out works for Residential, Commercial and Private housing Re-construction projects. As a top interior design company in singapore, Fineline Design, together with her delicate Interior Design Consultants, strive to achieve total Customers’ satisfaction with constant focus on Customers’ after sales service.
Through close rapport, Fineline Design wants to assure all Customers with our full commitment towards fulfilling their desire to create the ultimate dream home of their own. Fineline Design always places utmost attention to the finest details when conceptualizing our Customers’ design requirements to suit their lifestyle, together with a mission to provide high quality workmanship and innovative ideas.




Our Team

Roger Sim
I am Roger, had been in this trade for 9 years started in 2008 as sales designer focusing on residential design and renovation. Along the way with some commercial project, having to gain more knowledge and experiences.  Due to my engineering background, I am always very keen to understand more on technical aspect. I am happy to be invited by my trade Mentor who is the director to join Fineline Design, and was tasked by Director in 2015 to lead.
Suki Yong
Hi I’m Suki and I’ve joined Fineline since 2013.  The first thing that made me join Fineline is because of their vision which is very different from other companies.  There are a few things which are still strongly stamped in both my heart and mind, which is – Fineline does not want someone who is over aggressive in sales only. Instead they need someone who is kind and full of passion in interior design to be in their company.
Raymond Kuek
Hi I’m Raymond and I’ve joined Fineline since 2013. We face different challenges daily, meeting kinds of people, ability to negotiate with internal (suppliers, contractors) and external customers (home owners, company directors/managers). Through the processes, we are able to reconstruct spaces into a very dynamic working environment. Across the years, we had also built up sufficient customer base and referrals. 



It is not that easy to find an interior designer who are willing to go extra miles to provide better service to dream home seekers especially when budget is an big concern. That is why Fineline always make a point to educate our interior designers about the importance of providing sincere service to any dream home seekers that they had chosen to service and agreed to enter into an contract.


Dream home owners nowadays have lesser time to deal with the day to day hassle when it comes to design and renovate their dream home as most of the time both the couples are working themselves. They will definitely want an interior designer firm who can help them to achieve a seamless and hassle free renovation experience.


Interior design and renovation industry generally does not have a great reputation as an industry because there are a lot of black sheep in our market who harboured ulterior motive toward dream home seekers. Although we will welcome the move to further regulate the interior design industry, Fineline believe that we should make the 1st move in regaining their trust.


Most dream home owners, though arm with plenty of ideas on how they want to renovate their dream home, lack the technical and product knowledge to make their dreams a reality. That is where Fineline comes into the picture to help them to turn-key their project while they continue with their busy work schedule.


In some ways, we are all design professionals. You don’t have to design an automobile, write a novel, or sculpt a gorgeous sculpture to be a design professional. Everyday we all embark on tasks that require us to think, dream, collaborate in our head with our own voices, and get inspired to be creative in everyday life.


Fineline does their own joinery works for better quality and detailing control. We had an 6000sqft factory workshop at kaki bukit. We take pride in our joinery works which is always the final and most important piece of jigsaw puzzle to an ultimate dream home. We don’t leave that to chances.